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Top 10 Places to Cry at UK Even Though It’s Only Week 2

We don’t want to be Yik Yaked about, however, so here’s The Black Sheep’s top 10 places to cry in secrecy here at UK.

Top 10 Ways to Make Life Suck Less This Year at UK

We here at The Black Sheep decided to create a how-to guide of ways to make the new year suck a little less than it would usually. Take notes!

Spot The Difference at White Hall

We’ve changed 8 things in the pic below—can you find them? Get it right, you’ll get a prize!

Find Out What Eli Capilouto, Coach Cal, and Mark Stoops Have to Say

Ever wonder what some of the most famous UK personalities have to say? Well we were lucky enough to get a glimpse into the minds of our favorites.

Matrix of All Things Naughty, Nice, Sexy, and Ugly at UK

we’ve classified each of these strange activities into a matrix of naughty, sexy, ugly, and nice. Will you be on the nice list this year?

6 Things You Won’t Miss About UK Over Winter Break

Here at UK, we’re lucky to have such an awesome school. Over Christmas break, we miss hanging out with our friends and partying so hard Saturday night we’re still hung-over when we go to our Monday morning 8 a.m.’s. Although we miss these times while we’re stuck at home having awkward run-ins with our high […]

6 Reasons to be Thankful You Don’t Go to Louisville

As UK students, we have a lot to be thankful for. But most importantly, we’re thankful that we don’t go to Louisville. Here’s six reasons why!

University of Kentucky Students “Not Surprised” to See Wildcats Ranked #2

A research project done at the University of Kentucky shows that students are not all surprised to see Kentucky basketball ranked overall #2 this season.

Ranking Sexiness of Kentucky Basketball Players by Name Only

We at The Black Sheep couldn’t help but look at the starting roster for this year’s team and think about how sexy the names are.

Bartender of the Week: Brent from Two Key’s Tavern

We caught up with Brent from Two Key's Tavern to talk all about Halloween!