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True Kentucky College Starter Packs

College kids tend to follow similar trends overall, and be basic AF. Here are some examples of different basic trends that are seen in UK’s colleges.

Lexington Bartender of the Week: Camden from Campus Pub

We sat down with Camden fro Campus Pub to talk about spring break, peeing in pools, and flashing his stuff for money. Check it out!

Top 10 Things to Do in Lexington Instead of Going on Spring Break

Not everybody gets to go on a spring break trip every year. If you’re one of those people this year, we've compiled a list of alternatives for this year.

Top 10 UK Gifts for Valentine’s Day When You’re Ballin’ on A Budget

Here is a list of 10 gifts from UK you can put together last minute for your bae this Valentine’s day, that won’t cost much at all… other than your dignity.

Lexington Bartender of the Week: Jarrod from HopCat

We sat down with Jarrod from HopCat to ask him all about fancy booze, Tinder, and what he'd be like after 10 shots! Check it out!

An Open Letter to A**holes Who Sell UK Basketball Tickets for Profit

We see right through you. We know you only paid $5 for that ticket… why are you selling it for $30 “obo?” Don’t you understand that we're students too?

Groundhog Predicts UK Championship Only 9 Weeks Away

In light of the series of events that take place on Groundhog Day, here in Lexington we have our own Groundhog who either does or does not see his shadow.

9 Places in Lexington that are Definitely More Fun Than Class

We skip class. Sometimes we can’t muster all we’ve got to go sit for an hour lecture about a class we only took because it’s required.

We Can Guess Which Part of Campus You Lived in Your Freshman Year Based on Your Weekend Habits at UK

We at The Black Sheep want to see if we are able to guess your freshman dorm location based on your habits and hobbies here in the BBN.

Top 10 Places to Cry at UK Even Though It’s Only Week 2

We don’t want to be Yik Yaked about, however, so here’s The Black Sheep’s top 10 places to cry in secrecy here at UK.