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Kyle McCutcheon

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QUIZ: Schedule Your Fall Quarter and We’ll Tell You How Long You’d Last at Kelly’s

As the spring quarter draws to a close, it might be a better option to think ahead rather than reflect on the past. This means planning your fall quarter schedule. Out of the frying pan (otherwise known as the Course Cart) and into the fire! And wouldn’t you know, the type of classes you decide […]

Frat Boys in Lakeview Celebrate Fatality-Free Weekend

Surprisingly, exactly zero deaths resulted from the party, breaking what non-Greek life individuals believe to be a lengthy record.

DePaul Pivots, Uses UVA Funds To Make Campus “More Luxurious”

An inside source claims additional financial support coming directly from DePaul’s Republican community since they’re adamant about denying the referendum.

The 6 Sneakiest Walk of Shame Routes Through DePaul

Luckily for you, we've constructed some foolproof, sneaky routes through DePaul/Chicago for you to use when absolutely necessary.

Brave: DePaul Student Ascends to the Lincoln Park Library’s Fourth Floor

The feat, completed by only the most committed of students, is seldom executed. Harrison is among the few to have earned his spot among the library’s elite.

DePaul’s 6 Learning Domains Ranked by Heteronormativity

Those Learning Domains are beginning to pile up like a heap of dirty clothing! Which are the most flamboyantly homosexual and which are staunch straight?

Lincoln Park Moms Stroller-Joust to the Death Over Last Corepower Yoga Mat

The latest controversy to rock the quiet streets of Lincoln Park originates in the steamy CorePower Yoga studio on the corner of Sheffield and Webster.

Where Your DePaul ID Goes When You Lose It

You WILL screw up tremendously at some point this quarter, and it will probably involve you losing your student ID. But where does that pesky ID go?

TRAGIC: DePaul Student Drops Dead While Explaining Quarter System

A spring break at home that began as an innocent escape ended tragically for one student when she tried to explain her intricate schedule to her uncle.