Kynzie Watahomigie

Kynzie Watahomigie

Staff Writer

6 Cornell Gems Freshmen Will Never Know

We welcome you freshmen, but we also pity you because you’ve missed out on some pretty rad stuff on Cornell's campus these past few years.

5 Ways to Discreetly Gift Spider Eggs to Your Terrible Summer Boss

Summer jobs are good for nobody. Here are the ways you can plan to gift your terrible boss some well-deserved spider eggs.

The 7 Hells of Tucson, Arizona

While there are a few qualities about Tucson that are not one hundred percent negative, there are factors about this city that are simply unbearable.

A Quick Summer Workout Plan for Cornellians Chasing the TCAT Bus  

...if you aren’t about to risk missing the bus next semester because you aren’t ready to run fast, then here is how to train like a pro this summer.

6 Excuses to Use When Your Mom Asks Why You Aren’t Dating Anyone

The summer break arrives with sweaty armpit stains, melting ice-cream, third-degree sunburns, and reuniting with the one person who watched you be a...

Cornell Students Determined to Not Allow “Getting Trashed” on Slope Day Interfere With Studying for Finals

On Thursday, May 11, Cornellians will be waking up as early as 8 a.m. to go and celebrate the end of spring semester classes. Known as “Slope Day,” this school-wide festivity is generally associated with drunken college students listening to music and enjoying a day of fun right before their rigorous finals.“I’m going to be […]

6 Things That Are NOT Worth Your Cornell Degree

As finals quickly sneak up on unsuspecting Cornellians, the stress and sleep deprivation push these students to fall into a deep existential crisis that inevitably ends with them calling Domino’s — #3 on speed dial. Many questions, even fewer answers. What is this all about? Why am I here? Is my degree really going to […]

Cornell’s 10 Best Walk of Shame Routes

2 weeks left of class and you finally got laid. But now it’s morning and you don’t know how to get home. Thankfully, we have 10 routes ‘round Ithaca to get you home on that walk of shame.Route 10: This route isn’t ideal for a person who is hungover, however, it is ideal if you […]

6 Places You Are Guaranteed to Find Cornell Prefrosh During Cornell Days

Cornell Days are in full swing and the sidewalks are flowing with prospective students touring the Ivy streets of Cornell University. Although nearly everything on Cornell’s campus is historical, famous, or expensive, these are the top-tier locations you are sure to find a plethora of prefrosh unenthusiastically posing for another picture for their mom’s Facebook. […]

7 Ways to Completely Piss Off Any Cornell Student

A school as diverse as Cornell brings students from all over the world to share ideas and debate about what they disagree with. Although the diversity is something to brag about, all Cornell students agree that these things will drive anyone whose blood bleeds Big Red very, very crazy.7.) Ask “Is Cornell Even a Real […]