Lauren Boehmer

Lauren Boehmer

5 Ways to Properly Celebrate 4/20 in Flagstaff

Our population consists of lumberjacks and hippies, the perfect place to celebrate unless you're a narc or a moron.

A Drunken Timeline of Collins Irish Pub

Any night out here can get pretty interesting, as you have no idea the amount of spilled bodily fluids that are on the very booth you're sitting at.

President Cheng’s Twitter Feed Causing Concern Among NAU Students

Recently, Cheng has been causing more problems than usual with NAU students through smug and often unnecessary tweets about goings on at her school.

The Best Flagstaff Happy Hours For Your Broke Ass

Tthe happy hours in Flagstaff are incredibly important to the broke college student wishing to get drunk on a Friday night (or a Monday, we don't judge).

5 Reasons The Lumberyard is Actually the ~Coolest~ Bar in Downtown Flagstaff

The trash and trap queens flock to Collins and Monsoon, but it's hard to argue that the best nights start a little place called The Lumberyard.