Lauren Olster

Lauren Olster

Chief Campus Editor

Florida State University
Betsy DeVos Sells Reimagined Frida Kahlo Portraits

In light of recent attention Betsy DeVos received for a cartoonist’s depiction of her, the Secretary of Education has taken it upon herself to profit off of painted self-portraits. However, many have noticed that the portraits closely resemble those of famous feminist artist Frida Kahlo.“Oh, I saw the parallels to Frida Kahlo’s paintings right away,” […]

James Fletcher Dilmore Benched from First Half of Next Home Game

President of FSU College Republicans James Fletcher Dilmore has been suspended on multiple accounts of embezzlement and sexual harassment. As a result...

Eric Trump Accidentally Deletes That Black Guy’s Stuff off His Dad’s Website

On Thursday afternoon, Trump Organization trustee and rumored United States Cabinet member Eric Trump mistakenly erased all of the pictures, policies, and campaigns from that Black guy and political figurehead he kinda recognized on his dad’s cool new website.“I would like to issue a formal apology for my minor mistake,” said Eric Trump on the […]

QUIZ: Can We Guess Your Freshman Dorm Based On Your First Weekend Back at FSU?

At FSU, the way you spent your first weekend of spring semester says a lot about you. So does your freshman dorm. In fact, the two are pretty much parallel

Sly Professor Secretly Planning to Just Play Movie during Final Exam Period

Dr. Jeffery Carlack of American University emailed out a four-page study guide to his students last week, but due to his soft spot and unwillingness to grade 150 exams, he has decided to screen Planet of the Apes during class on the day of the supposed test. The idea came to Carlack after he saw […]

Judgmental Map of FSU Student’s Insides

While every Seminole looks good different from the outside, we’re all really the same on the inside—where we bleed garnet and gold.

Student Glances at Clock Before Returning Attention to Professor

University of Colorado Boulder sophomore Ryan Gilmore stole a quick glance at the classroom clock in Anthropology 101 last Wednesday afternoon before focusing back on the present lecture. In an exclusive interview, the student claims to have wanted to check the time to see approximately how many minutes were left of the class, before it was […]

SLC to Screen Season 15 Premiere of The Apprentice

Announced during the early hours of Wednesday morning, Donald Trump is returning to host another season of his hit reality TV show The Apprentice due to...

10 Reasons Not to Bring Out Your Boots Yet

Have you been outside lately? It’s still hot out! That cold front a couple weeks ago only lasted like a day and a half and the sun is shining hard.

Student Goes on Facebook Friending Spree to See More Dance Marathon Posts

FSU psychology major Darin Chastain was so excited for the roughly 6-month long Dance Marathon fundraising season that she decided to add 347 strangers...