Lauren Wry

Lauren Wry

9 Things You Won’t Miss About BC Over Break

Among the many things you will undoubtedly start to miss about BC while you’re on break, there are definitely things that you won’t.

What Your BC Study Spot Says About How Desperate You Are

With study spots suddenly so crowded, it can be tough to know where the best place to get your cramming done is. Here’s what each study spot says about you.

Leaked E-mail Reveals Father Leahy Already Plans on Having No Snow Days This Year

"We will cease all snow removal and reallocate the funds to improving our football team (just kidding, the money will be spent on planting more flowers)."

The Seven Deadly Sins of Boston College

At BC, there is a slightly different standard of conduct. Here are the Seven Deadly Sins of Boston College.

6 Things BC Students Did After Trump Won the Presidency

This campaign season has really gotten to some of us but really, fellow Eagles, it is no reason to throw yourselves down fifteen flights of stairs.

Top 10 Unsung Heroes of BC Who Deserve Statues on Campus

There are eagle statues everywhere on this campus, but where's the statue of Dr. Nary? Or the Noble Late Night Worker? WE DEMAND ANSWERS.

7 Halloween Costumes Only BC Students Would Wear

Before you fall back on the classics and decide to be a vampire for the third year running, consider these seven costumes that only a BC student would wear.

BREAKING: Freshman Literally Dies in Eagle’s Nest Line Waiting for Basic Salad

A freshman girl, unfamiliar with the jungle of Eagle's Nest after class lets out, never made it to the end of the salad line.

BC Parents’ Weekend Is Over; You Can Go Back To Being A Degenerate Now

Well, you can breathe a big sigh of relief because the last parents are rolling out today, taking their BC bumper stickers and expectations with them.

The 7 Worst Study Spots at BC: A Guide to Unproductivity

It’s midterm season again, and your next task is where you’re going to get all your studying (read: procrastination) done.