Leela Bassuk

Leela Bassuk


8 Ways to Seduce Your Campus Crush Through ITC Printing

Toss those roses into the construction pit behind Burge: we have compiled 8 easy ways to woo your campus crush using UI's romantic ITC Printing system!

UI Sorority Embraces Greek Week Spirit, Plans to Host Gyro Themed Formal

A UI sorority is taking the phrase ‘Greek life’ quite literally by hosting a spring formal inspired by a delicious, greasy, meat filled Gyro.

QUIZ: Where On Iowa’s Campus Should You Puke Next?

Like your parents’ sex life, it’s about fucking time things got spiced up a little bit. Take this quiz to find out where on campus you should vomit next!

Herky the Hawk to Schedule a “Much-Needed” Nose Job

University of Iowa mascot Herky the Hawk's announced earlier this week he set an official date for his beak alteration surgery.

BREAKING: EPB Officially More Humid and Moist than Amazon Rainforest

Earlier this week, the National Weather Service announced that UIowa’s EPB has surpassed average humidity levels typical of the Amazon rainforest.

Let’s Talk About Seamans Center For a Second

Seamans Center: the University of Iowa’s state-of-the-art building for the Engineering Arts and Sciences. In addition to 143,000 square feet of space for learning and research, Seamans Center is the only building on campus named after a bodily fluid.

Construction Cage Around Iowa City Capitol Dome Rumored to be Home to an Exotic Leopard

Since July, Iowa City’s most beloved piece of architecture has been subjected to a tall metal cage positioned around the golden dome.

We Can Tell You How You Pronounce “Eduroam” Based on Your Typical Thursday Night in Iowa City

For centuries, scholars have debated upon the proper pronunciation of the University of Iowa wifi network called “Eduroam.”

6 Reasons the Bongo App is a Total F*** Boi

Leading you on, messing with your head, unreliable, easily deletable, and yet somehow still on your phone. The Bongo App is a total fuck boi.

Groundbreaking Footage of Iowa Students Packing Bags 3 Minutes Before Lecture Actually Ends

Early last week, budding University of Iowa videographer, Cam Jargson, captured groundbreaking footage during her 8:30 a.m. "Fur and Its Uses" lecture.