Leela Bassuk

Leela Bassuk


5 Summer Fruits That Have Better Skin Than You

In just a few weeks, these five fresh fruits have achieved the kind of glowing, smooth, summer skin you've dreamt of since puberty.

7 Reasons Why Lake Macbride Should Become a European Style Nude Resort

While Iowa City and surrounding areas certainly have a unique charm, there is no denying the fact that they could benefit from a touch of European glamour.

QUIZ: Can We Guess Which Nike Shorts and Birkenstock Combo You’ll Wear All Summer?

Nike and Birkenstock’s most loyal customers are Midwestern women ages 16-22 who just want to “drive to the lake” without having to “look that cute.”

Parents to “Deal With” Son Back From School after Tasting Freedom

After several months spent without the company of their son, parents Jill and Don Devito have planned to slowly poison their son while he’s home.

7 UI Approved Remedies for a Pancheros Overdose

"Information regarding excessive guacamole consumption will be sent in an extra email, upon student request, and will require a $1.80 UBill payment."

7 Things “Darty” Might Mean According to Your Mom

It's darty season! Be sure to read the following definitions of "darty" according to your mom to see the world through her post-menopausal perspective!

8 Ways to Seduce Your Campus Crush Through ITC Printing

Toss those roses into the construction pit behind Burge: we have compiled 8 easy ways to woo your campus crush using UI's romantic ITC Printing system!

UI Sorority Embraces Greek Week Spirit, Plans to Host Gyro Themed Formal

A UI sorority is taking the phrase ‘Greek life’ quite literally by hosting a spring formal inspired by a delicious, greasy, meat filled Gyro.

QUIZ: Where On Iowa’s Campus Should You Puke Next?

Like your parents’ sex life, it’s about fucking time things got spiced up a little bit. Take this quiz to find out where on campus you should vomit next!

Herky the Hawk to Schedule a “Much-Needed” Nose Job

University of Iowa mascot Herky the Hawk's announced earlier this week he set an official date for his beak alteration surgery.