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Leo Boshardy

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How To ~Play It Cool~ When You See a Dog In Lincoln Park

Here's what NOT do when you see a pupper on campus or anywhere else in Lincoln Park, lest you look uncool in front of the greatest creatures on the planet.

Could Someone Please Explain the Taco Lady in the Stu?

“No one ever really told us why she arrived. I’m not even sure someone interviewed her. She just walked in one day, set up her little stand, sold tacos for a little while, then left.”

FOUND: DePaul Campus Tour Guides’ Training Manual

We stumbled upon a DePaul campus tour guide's manual to see what they tell these people to say -- and not say -- when ushering ~future Blue Demons~ around.

The Top 8 Munchies Offered at the Stu

The best time of year has finally come around, and it’s time to take inventory of all the incredible food items the Student Center has to offer in preparation of one of the hungriest days in DePaul’s calendar year. Nothing takes care of a case of the munchies like some classic Stu items. Here’s a […]

How to Get the Attention of the One Hot Person Making Your Experiential Learning Class Not Suck

Only one person can pull you through this hell hole of a class, and he or she is an impossibly beautiful student suffering along with you in a class no one is excited to take.

A DePaul Frat Boi’s Guide to Hiding Your Stash on Campus

These are trying times for druggies. Undercover cops are snatching up substances so much that they should rename Sheffield Avenue to 21 Jump Street.

7 Things Everyone Fools Themselves Into Believing About DePaul

Here are 7 things to trick yourself into believing about DePaul this April Fools day, besides that those cops are totally just chill dudes looking for xanny

QUIZ: Retake AlcoholEDU to Find Out When You’ll Pass Out on St. Patrick’s Day

With all the useful knowledge DePaul made us learn about alcohol, can we guess how long you’ll last on St. Patty’s Day?

Top 10 DePaul Finals Stress Relievers that Aren’t Masturbating

Here are 10 of the best ways to relieve your unbearable stress during finals week — besides masturbating, because this is a Catholic school, you heathen.

DePaul Music Major Unsure if He’s Making Enough Noise in the Computer Lab

Like all music students, this one doesn't know when to STFU and it's starting to impact library regulars.