Lex Botkin

Lex Botkin

5 Cheap Ways to Move Out of Your Apartment without a Car or Truck

The end of your lease is approaching and it’s on you to find a way to move all your stuff to your new place, but shit, you don't have a car.

Pothole at Campus Point to Begin Requiring Weekly Ritual Sacrifice

Since Kalamazoo residents have found ways around the inconvenience, the pothole outside The Den has begun demanding ritual sacrifices weekly.

7 Excuses to Give Your Roommate After Your Dog Sh*ts on his Laptop

So, you bought a puppy a few weeks ago and now he’s pooping on your roommate Sam’s laptop and his favorite cowboy boots.

So, Who’s Gonna Clean Up All This Goat Sh*t?

It seems that WMU has given up on using humans for labor, and has instead opted to use a task force of highly skilled goats to clear the woodland on campus.