Linda Lexington

Linda Lexington

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Michigan State University
7 Withdrawals Every Spartan Went Through Over Winter Break

From getting stuck to the floor of Rick's to being run over by CATA, MSU's campus has so many things that we love, and we definitely missed them over break.

8 Ways to Smuggle Your Family Pet Into the MSU Dorms

The fact that our college won’t let us bring pets into the dorms is pure evil, so we thought of a few ways to sneak those cuddly buggers in.

A Matrix Describing the Attractiveness of Things on MSU’s Campus

Let’s take a minute to see what type of sexy-ugly naughty-nice people and places our campus has to offer.

How to Be a Low-Key Savage on Your SIRS Forms

It’s that time of year again, and by that, we mean it’s time to roast all of our god-awful professors on the SIRS form. Here's how to really make them cry.

The MSU You vs. the You That You Show Your Parents

Keeping up with your two personalities may be a challenge, but covering up your MSU personality is vital to surviving Christmas break.

6 Ways to Work Out at MSU Without Trying

With booze to drink, and classes to skip, we don’t always have time to hit the gym. Luckily, you're probably losing weight by doing these everyday tasks.

6 Parallels Between MSU’s Football Season and the Election

With the election come and gone, we realized there are some really freaky similarities between MSU's current football season and the election season.

7 Things Every Drunk Person Has Done at MSU

These aren't our classiest moves, but there’s no denying that they’ve happened, likely more than once. Here's 7 things every drunk person has done at MSU.

6 Ways to Get Over Michigan vs. Michigan State Weekend

With Halloween, tailgates, and our loss to U of M still fresh, we thought everyone could use a little help getting back into the groove of things.

Top 6 Things Spartans Can Do While Waiting for Their Laundry

Life is hard, and laundry is harder. Don't worry, Spartans, here are some things you can do while you wait around for your nasty sheets to be done.