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Weekly Beer Review: Blackrocks Brewery’s Barbaric Yawp

Redolent of smoke and malt, Barbaric Yawp goes great with barbecue, grilled meat, open flames, and all things charred. I would expect nothing less.

Weekly Beer Review: New Holland Brewing’s Hoptronix

This is a drinking beer, not a heavy sipping beer, and goes well with other aggressive and semi-hostile flavors like stinky cheese.

Weekly Beer Review: Arcadia Ales’ Cereal Killer

Arcadia claims that this is a strong choice to cellar-age; they also claim that it's available from late fall to early winter so it would appear some aging has already been done for me.

Weekly Beer Review: Bell’s Consecrator

The Bock is a strong German lager that traditionally is shown with a goat on the label for reasons I’m too lazy to look up.

Weekly Beer Review: Burnt City’s Balloon Boy

A big hit of sour flavor paired against the herbal bite of a better saison might have been a really compelling beer, but in an effort to make this a beer that could suit everyone they left it lacking anything to distinguish it.

Weekly Beer Review: Arbor Brewing’s Euchre

It's got a fun name, but I couldn't pick this out of a lineup from a dozen other pilsners I’ve tried that are pleasantly crisp and not over-hopped.

Weekly Beer Review: Big Lake Brewing’s Leroy Brown

If what you seek is something with a big of dark-malt taste and a bit of body to separate it from the pale ales and industrial lagers, this could be just what you need.

Weekly Beer Review: Nutter Your Business

The milk stout base handles most of the sweetness and it’s comfortingly familiar, while the peanut addition elevates without making it weird-tasting.

Weekly Beer Review: Blackrocks’ Classic Pilsner

The nose is malty and light, a toasted biscuit with slight hints of wildflower honey. The beer is crisp and clean, sparkling with carbonation and a light hit of hops right up front that makes it tingle the tongue.

Weekly Beer Review: Innis & Gunn’s Irish Whiskey Cask Stout

Innis & Gunn's Irish Whiskey Cask Stout is a Grade A drink to drink 2-10 of this St. Patrick's Day.