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Weekly Beer Review: Nutter Your Business

The milk stout base handles most of the sweetness and it’s comfortingly familiar, while the peanut addition elevates without making it weird-tasting.

Weekly Beer Review: Blackrocks’ Classic Pilsner

The nose is malty and light, a toasted biscuit with slight hints of wildflower honey. The beer is crisp and clean, sparkling with carbonation and a light hit of hops right up front that makes it tingle the tongue.

Weekly Beer Review: Innis & Gunn’s Irish Whiskey Cask Stout

Innis & Gunn's Irish Whiskey Cask Stout is a Grade A drink to drink 2-10 of this St. Patrick's Day.

Weekly Beer Review: Frankenmuth’s The Hef

Like The Hef (the man), The Hef (the beer) is classy and smooth, and a little bit hazy.

Weekly Beer Review: Breckenridge Brewery’s Chocolate Orange

The chocolate and orange in Breckenridge Brewery's Chocolate Orange are complemented by roasted malt, and a hop varietal from Germany carries its own tangerine aromas to enhance the citrus.

Weekly Beer Review: Good Humans

This week's beer review is Good Humans Double Brown Ale, by Short’s Brewing Company. at $2.49 a bottle, it gets a solid B-.

Weekly Beer Review: New Belgium’s Abbey

New Belgium's Abbey isn’t all that heavy but it does coat the tongue and palate to deliver a powerful burst of spice on a wave of delicately roasted malts.

Weekly Beer Review: Jake’s Vanilla Bean Porter

The beer may only be OK but Jake’s a good boy isn’t he? Who’s a good boy, buddy? That’s right! You are! You are!

Weekly Beer Review: Left Hand Brewing Milk Stout

A strong basis of roasted malt with strong coffee flavors are the foundation of the beer, with lactose giving it a creamy texture and sweet notes to make thoroughly enjoyable.

Weekly Beer Review: Goose Island Green Line

While researching the Chicago Green Line, I did discover that as of the time I write this review it is “running on schedule.” So put your mind to rest on that subject.