Macie Mancuso

Macie Mancuso

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Ohio State University
What to Do When You’re Not Rushing At OSU

Rush season is upon us, but you actually know how to make your own friends rather than pay for them, so here's what to do.

A Buckeye’s Guide To Seeing An Old Professor On Campus

It happens to the best of us: you're walking on the oval enjoying the nature of brain dead students when you see it: your old professor.

6 Things You Won’t Miss About OSU Over Winter Break

Ohio State's winter break is almost here and thank Urban Meyer because we are sick of this place. Especially these six things.

Ohio State Fan Fiction: Mirror Lake Jump 2016

Mirror Lake may be gone, but Ohio State students have long but forgotten its memories. Thus, a subtle tale of fan fiction has resulted. Enjoy.

Where To Live On OSU Campus When You Don’t Have A Lease

At Ohio State leases are signed the second week of school and set a precedent for the next year of your life. If you don't have one by now.. wtf?

Clevelanders in Columbus are Finally Proud to be Clevelanders

As the weather drops to below 40 and winter prepares to take hold, the Clevelanders are finally beginning to make their emergence onto the Columbus scene.

6 Things President Drake Would Do If Elected President Of The U.S.A.

President Drake of Ohio State University would make a great president by building a wall around Michigan and draining all of the great lakes.

How To: Spookify Your Pad OSU Style

Halloween is approaching quickly, and it's time to spookify your pad to make it match *ichigan's horridness, if that's even possible.

6 Ways To Keep Your Buckeye Spirits High In The Face Of The Storm

With the weather looking gloomy this week and for homecoming, OSU students have to keep their heads up to get drunk and enjoy the ride.

Graphs That Accurately Describe Life at Ohio State

These charts surmise the basic findings of said research, so that everyone is sure to know just how to act in the Scarlett smog of fall semester.