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Greg Gard Leaves Pile Of Gator Carcasses On Coach White’s Doorstep

Reports have surfaced from the Florida basketball program that head coach Mike White woke up to a little “gift” left on his doorstep from Wisconsin head coach Greg Gard. The gift? Dozens of tiny alligator carcasses Gard had apparently been hunting this past week.  “I know hunting is big in Wisconsin, but this is something […]

Find Out What Greg Gard, Nigel Hayes, And Ethan Happ Have To Say

These three UW icons have hot takes on everything from Jim Carrey's acting, to rumors Greg Gard is the biggest DILF in Wisconsin...are they out of line?

7 Ways Finals Week Is Like A Squashed Spider Exploding Into Hundreds of Baby Spiders

Most of us have experienced finals week before, and most of us have seen one of those YouTube videos where someone squashes a spider and in the worst turn of fate and witchcraft it results in an explosion of fresh lil’ babies erupting everywhere…but what do the two of these horrifying experiences have in common? […]

Are You A Slick Piece of Sh*t Millennial or An Old Egghead?

Are you a true millennial? Or an old desperate to get with the times? Find out in our weekly millennial quiz...

Aaron Rodgers’ Secret Tent Sparks Trend of Pitching a Tent to Escape Reality

Last night, Aaron Rodgers retreated to a suspicious sideline tent during the Packers game in Philadelphia. His brave actions have inspired UW-Madison students to escape their own cold, cruel realities by ushering themselves into similar feebly-constructed forts whenever necessary. “Hiding out in my dorm room never gave me much satisfaction, I mean, my roommate’s a Trump […]

Top 10 Things to Sneak into Your Grad Ceremony

You’ll need to keep yourself distracted from thinking about how you’re moving into your parents’ basement in a week.