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5 Excuses To Tell The Cops After You Get Arrested For Jaywalking in Athens

Hurdling fences, passing back fakes, and underage drinking are child’s play in comparison to the mortal sin that is Jaywalking.

UGA Frat Star Transforms Parents’ Home into Frat House

Rising sophomore and member of the Alpha Sigma Sigma fraternity, returned home with more than just his accounting notes and a molding comforter.

The Judgemental Map of New Orleans

New Orleans is not all Bourbon St. and Swamps. There are your hipsters, your snobby, “Old New Orleans Money,” and everything in between.

Study Abroad Students Slowly Realizing They’re Not in Athens, Greece

Nearly a month into the summer, study abroad students who travelled to Athens for the summer are starting to realize that they might not be in Greece.

How to Pass Your UGA Online Class Without Really Trying

What’s the last thing you wanna do this summer? That’s right, put on pants and get your sunburned arse outta the pool.

Local Athens Deadheads Insulted by UGA Fraternities Appropriating their Culture

The 1960s rock-n-roll icon the Grateful Dead is reuniting this summer to satisfy the world’s craving for soul-soothing classics.

5 Sh***y Summer Dates in Athens to Remind Your Hookup They’re ONLY a Hookup

Is summer lovin’ really a blast? While your heart says yes, the Georgia heat says, “Aw hell nah.” This season, noncommittal relationships are all the rage.

6 Totally Accurate Definitions of UGA as Defined by Urban Dictionary

We decided to gather the truth about UGA from the most reliable source on the world wide web, good ole’ Urban Dictionary.

6 Ways to Explain to Your Parents Why You Haven’t Graduated from UGA Yet

So your parents have demanded answers as to why you decided to take a fifth year. We know that you may need an argument better than, “it’s scary out there.”

UGA Cards Against Humanity: The Redder, Blacker Box

The Black Sheep created Cards Against Humanity: UGA edition to ease the burden of befriended strangers in college. You’re welcome.