Maddy Marquardt

Maddy Marquardt

Freshman Forgets to Combo Before Leaving Campus; Makes Mother Turn Car Around

An MSU freshman has comboed every day this semester, and “sure isn’t going to stop now”. Even if that mean driving a half hour out of his way.

Con-Con List: Staying at Home for the Summer v. Working at AOP

You’ve only got two real options: work AOP and live on campus, or live at home and avoid all people. You probably shouldn’t do either.

10 Other Crimes We Let Our MSU Student Athletes Commit

Our collegiate athletes can get away with a lot. We at The Black Sheep have complied a list of the top ten crimes we let our athletes commit every day.

Honest Caf Menus: What Are You Really Consuming in the MSU Cafs?

Caf menus are notoriously misleading — they tell you there’ll be a pasta bake, and there’s really just uncooked noodles.

Olin Rolls Out New Student Healthcare Plan: LouAnnaCare

Due to recent adjustments to the Affordable Care Act, MSU president Lou Anna K. Simon recently proposed an updated version of the student healthcare plan.

8 Pieces of Trash on MSU’s Campus That Are Literally You

Ever saw a piece of garbage on the sidewalk and totally related? We've created a list of pieces of trash on MSU's Campus that might remind you of yourself.

10 Ways to Lower Your Already Low Expectations for March Madness

The best way to get over your disappointment in one thing is to channel your disappointment into another.

8 Spartan-Themed Spring Break Destinations

No plans yet for Spring Break? We at The Black Sheep have some tested and true ways for you to have a Michigan State-themed adventure.

 8 Things You Actually Learned in Your Freshman CEM Class at MSU

You walked into your freshman chemistry class bright-eyed and full of hope, and left with your ego shattered. But what did you actually learn?

8 Ridiculous MSU Signs Taken Out of Context

MSU's campus is littered with super relevant and fun signs, but what do they really mean? The Black Sheep is here to tell you!