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11 Things For Tigers to Write on Their Prof Eval Forms

As a final inconvenience before the end of the semester, LSU asks students to fill out a teacher evaluation form. While most students choose not to provide any meaningful feedback, The Black Sheep encourages its readers to make their evaluations worthwhile with these suggestions.

Missing LSU Student Found After Months of Searching For Parking Spot

Students of Dr. Larson’s 11:30 a.m. physics class knew something was awry when a severely malnourished, unwashed man walked into class halfway through their third exam. “He seemed a bit confused,” one student remarked. “But he just went up to the teacher and apologized for being late.” The class would soon learn that freshman Paul […]

7 Dorm Rules Everyone On LSU’s Campus Has Ignored

Just remember, kids: while you might think you were a badass during your freshman dorm days, you were no better than the rest of us.

LSU Students So Dirty Black Plague Makes a Comeback on Campus

The LSU Student Health Center issued a school-wide health emergency alert after three students fell ill with what appeared to be the Black Plague this past week.

A Eulogy to The Bandit

In light of recent accusations of the illegal selling of alcohol to underage patrons, The Bandit is calling it quits.

7 Courses LSU Needs to Add for Fall 2017

As you prepare to make your schedules for the fall semester, keep these courses in mind. None require prerequisites, all count as electives.

The 5 Greatest Heroes of LSU

“Who is to say who is the villain and who is the hero? Probably the dictionary.”

Shacker Returns Home Without Clothes From Lover, Is Excommunicated

Tragedy struck a sorority who wishes to remain anonymous last Wednesday when sophomore Katie Talbot returned home in the same clothes she went out in the night before.

In Lieu of Tiger, LSU Adopts 7 Feral Cats as New Mascots

Last Tuesday, LSU announced that the university was working to have its tiger habitat registered as an official sanctuary by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries. Mike’s veterinarian, David Baker, was quoted saying, “Times change, public perception changes.” It seems the university has decided to operate by this assumption, as it has just announced that […]

The Hardest LSU Trivia Test You’ll Ever Take

Think you know LSU? GOOD LUCK!