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We Climbed These LSU Monuments So You Wouldn’t Have To

Ever wonder how an unathletic student who just ate an entire order of nachos from that Mexican place in the Union would fare in a test of strength and agility? Wonder no more! We climbed these LSU landmarks and rated their difficulty, mainly because we were bored AF.  1.) Howe Russell Dinosaur: This thing is […]

LSU Student Activists Attempt to Raise Awareness on Circumcision

As you head back to school, keep an eye out for Free Speech Alley’s newest addition of protestors, “Students Against Circumcision.” Led by local student activists, SAC works to provide counseling for those who were circumcised against their will, often at birth. Their goal this semester is to raise enough money to provide a “much […]

Top Ten LSU People Who Belong on Santa’s Naughty List

Christmas is coming and the Naughty List is growing by the day. LSU has been up to some pretty sketchy stuff lately, but there are ten individuals who trump them all. We’ve made a list and checked it twice, you should do the same. Also, sorry we said “trump.”  10.) That Shirtless/Shoeless Hippie Who Does […]

10 Things You’ve Lost Since Your Freshman Year at LSU

As we approach the end of the semester, it’s important to reflect on the things we have learned, the things we have gained, and the things we have lost.  10.) The Ability to Drink: Gone are the days when you could throw back sixteen shots of Fireball at Reggie’s, chug a Four Loco, and still […]

7 Words That Mean Nothing To You If You Don’t Go to LSU

Every community has a set of code words. These are used to develop a sense of culture and camaraderie. Even if that culture is absolute redneck debauchery. So all you Anthro and Linguistics majors hold onto your boners, because here are 7 words that help shape LSU into the *community* that it is.  7.) Dalrymple: […]

Top 3 Reasons Why LSU’s Dining Halls Should Start Serving Squirrel Meat

It’s no secret that LSU has a serious squirrel problem. Yes, a problem. The squirrels all but run this campus. And what are squirrels but furrier rats? Something must be done, and The Black Sheep has the answer: squirrel meat. It’s not a filet mignon, but it’s edible. And, hey, we’ve all eaten much worse. […]

Donald Trump Inspires Big Plans to Deport All LSU Illegal Smokers in Smokers Alley

It’s no secret that the LSU student body accounts for a good number of Donald Trump’s election votes. We practically led him to victory. To thank the students of LSU, Trump has vowed to use his newfound power to deport all illegal smokers in Smokers Alley. “It won’t be easy,” he told The Black Sheep […]

A Play by Play of the Theoretical Fight Between Coach O and Nick Saban

You’ve all heard the story. You all want the details. The fight to end all fights: Ed “The Walking Boulder” Orgeron vs. Nick “Crimson Period” Saban. Here we go. It all started Monday night when Saban made a rather crude insinuation about Orgeron’s manhood. Naturally, Orgeron was none too pleased about this. Like any self […]

5 Changes F. King Alexander Would Make If Elected President of the United States

Election season is upon us. In fact, it feels as if it’s been upon us for almost a year now. While most people can’t stand to look at either of the presidential candidates, there’s one nominee everyone can get behind: F. King Alexander, and here’s what he would do if elected to the highest office. […]

Disgruntled Alum Compensates for General Dissatisfaction with Life by Attacking LSU Students

Local LSU fan Jim Watson, more formally known as WatsonTiger, has issued a desperate cry for help in the form of an article attacking the LSU student section. He calls it “pathetic” and “a joke”, but upon closer inspection by Psychology major and self-proclaimed mental health expert Toni Broussard, it is clear that WatsonTiger is using the LSU […]