Original Pancake

Original Pancake


5 Things that are Better in the ‘Burbs than at UIUC

Here are the top things Chicago suburbs do better than UIUC — all the more reason for you to dread returning to campus and cling to your suburban home.

The Top 5 Drunk Food Spots in La Grange, IL

La Grange actually has a lot to offer in terms of drunk food. The thing is, most of them close at like 8 p.m., so here are the best picks we could find.

UIUC Intern Hires Own Personal ISU Intern

Last week, incoming UIUC senior and intern at Peters & Smith Marketing, Chad Lewings, decided he was overworked.“I can’t keep all these Starbucks orders straight!” said an exasperated Lewings. “And every time my boss asks me to file documents or do something that requires skill, I’m forced to take a two-hour bathroom break and hope […]

How to Bond With The Illini Alumni at Your Family Reunion

Looking forward to your upcoming summer family reunion? Of course not! Family reunions are basically funerals with a little less social instruction, resulting in abundant awkwardness. But as a current Illini, you are sure to have some hopefully not-so-distant relatives who also have orange and Blue Guys through their veins. Here’s how you can bond […]

How To Turn Summerfest Into That One Canopy Club Concert You Went To Freshman Year

It’s the middle of summer, which means it’s time for Illini to make the annual migration slightly north to Milwaukee for Summerfest. Since you’re using your hard-earned cash from your shitty part-time job to pay for general admission, you’re going to want to make sure you have the dopest time possible. What was more dope […]

Should Y’all Hang Out at the Local Bar or Drink in Someone’s Basement?

This week, two of our writers argue over the age-old dilemma: should you and your hometown friends hang out at the local bar or drink in one of your basements?

P/CP: Should You Use Bumble or Tinder for Your Hometown Hookups?

Which app should you use to find your hometown hookup? This week, two of our writers argued over which app is king: Bumble or Tinder.

Top Sorority Girl Furious Naperville Bar Won’t Let Her Skip the Line Because She’s Hot

This past Monday night outside of Bar Louie in downtown Naperville, a commotion took place. The police were called to the scene by Kelsey Stamer, a Delta Delta Delta ‘19, and the cause of the commotion.“Hello, police?” shrieked Stamer on the 9-1-1 call recording. “It’s me, the hot blonde girl with the only good spray […]

PCP: Should Nick Offerman or Barack Obama Have Been The UIUC Commencement Speaker?

It’s graduation season and Champaign is abuzz with excitement. This year students hope the commencement speaker, Nick Offerman, drops some knowledge on the unemployed graduates. The announcement came after a failed year-long campaign to get our most recent Commander-In-Chief, President Barack Obama, to speak at graduation. This week, the editors argue over whether Nick Offerman […]

UIUC To Cancel Commencement and Hold University-Wide Initiation Into The Real World

This past Saturday, University of Illinois chancellor Robert J. Jones announced a major change to this year’s Class of 2017 Commencement Ceremony.“The University of Illinois boasts a large Greek community on campus. In fact, I just came from a fraternity philanthropy. Boy do they know how to have a good time!” Jones slurred suspiciously, wearing […]