Madison Sweezy

Madison Sweezy

Trump Nominates 2-Factor Authentication as Secretary of Homeland Security

Trump recently announced 2-Factor Authentication, most notable for its work with Virginia Tech, as his nomination for Secretary of Homeland Security.

Matrix That Describes Life at Virginia Tech

The Black Sheep have your satin covered back. Here’s a matrix of all the naughty, nice, ugly, and sexy things roaming the hills of Blacksburg.

Drillfield Beginning to Develop Male Pattern Baldness

“I’m balding, and I’m PROUD” said the Drillfield earlier this week. The Drillfield is experiencing what some would call early onset Male Pattern Baldness.

Charlottesville Asking for Urgent Lube Donations

The shortage was caused by UVA students, in preparation for getting royally fucked at the football game vs Virginia Tech this past Saturday

Thanksgiving Turkey Looking To Be “Just a Regular College Student”

The turkey reportedly watched the movie "The Prince and Me" on his ride from Iowa to Blacksburg, and is now determined to get the “true college experience.”

Top 10: Sexiest Buildings at Virginia Tech

The only thing brighter than the sun is the beauty of the Hokie stone glimmering in the light, making the majority of our buildings ~sexy as hell.~

Bartender of the Week: Chris from Buffalo Wild Wings

Find out the funniest thing Chris has seen while working at B-Dubs to why he wouldn't regret losing his butthole, and how he gets to ~Pleasuretown~

Virginia Tech to Rename NCB “New Cry Building” In Light of Election Results

Virginia Tech administrators have decided to change the name and purpose of NCB to better accommodate its students, in light of the elections results.

Ranking the Sexiness Virginia Tech’s Basketball Players by Name Only

Ball skills aren’t the only thing that’s important, though. There’s intelligence, sportsmanship, and most importantly, attractiveness.

VT Student’s Life Shaken When Unassigned Seat Taken

Tragedy struck early Tuesday afternoon when Trent Buckley arrived to his class in Pamplin to find someone sitting in his unassigned seat.