Madison Sweezy

Madison Sweezy

The 7 Hells of Fairfax County

Living in the outskirts of the capital of the free world sounds like a trip and a half. But the shadow of D.C. isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be.

Pick Spots in D.C. to Vomit and We’ll Tell You Which First Kid You Are

With nearly 20 colleges and 535 congresspeople the streets of D.C. are no strangers to projectile vomiting.

A Rundown of Every Fricken Nova Kid You’ve Ever Met

Essentially, Nova is just 1.9 million people collectively having an identity crisis, and here’s a list of every kid from Nova you’ve ever met.

Absolutely True Tech Starter Packs

2017 is the year of revivals; and remember that meme that was hot like 3 years ago? We’ve brought that back too

5 Beautiful Places in Blacksburg to Lose Your Sh*t during Finals

Times will get hard, and there’s really no point in dealing with any of it. Lose your shit in these Instagram worthy places instead.

A Timeline of Today’s Official Holiday: Chicken Parm Day

Today, Friday, the 21st day of April in the 2017th year of our lord, will be the official Chicken Parm Day, as declared by the almighty President Sands.

QUIZ: What Kind of VT Parker Are You?

Statistically, Hokies spend 103% of their life searching for parking. Over time, parkers begin to take a distinct personality.

QUIZ: Can We Guess Which Tech Frat You’re In?

So you’re in a frat, and you swear yours is the best. Your brothers are your best friends and the memories you’ve made with your frat will last a lifetime.

The 8 Stages of Studying in Newman as Described by Frank Beamer

It’s that time again. The Earth is coming back to life, the weather is beautiful, and the sun is smiling down on you while you’re stuck inside Newman.

QUIZ: How Long Will You LAst at Ring Dance?

are you going for the tradition, because it’s free, or to party? And, more importantly, how long will you actually stay? Take the quiz to find out!