Maggie Dryden

Maggie Dryden

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University of Georgia
5 Things That You Didn’t Expect to Go Through During Sorority Recruitment

Here are things about UGA's recruitment process, coming straight from a srat girl's mouth that you wouldn't expect to happen from the outside looking in.

5 Ways to Get Out of Finals at UGA, But Not Die

No need to worry, we already have this list of ways to almost die at UGA and get out of some finals without actually having to kick the bucket.

The 5 Worst Places To Study On UGA’s Campus

With coffee shops, study rooms, and dorm room futons galore, it actually becomes harder to think of places that wouldn’t be so good for studying.

How Different UGA Majors Would Quick-Fix the I-85 Bridge Collapse

    Over the weekend, a huge portion of I-85 collapsed. Thankfully, no one was hurt, which means we can make jokes about it. The Black Sheep got to thinking, why trust the government with the task of fixing the bridge when there’s a school full of capable young people just up the road? They’re ripe […]

5 Strange Sights You’d Only See Outside A UGA Transit Bus Window

Have you ever gazed out of a UGA bus window and just thought to yourself, "I would only see this here!"

5 UGA Conversation Starters To Avoid Small Talk About SGA Election

You don’t want anyone to realize that you don’t care quite enough to commit to a sticker on your shirt or a conversation in Tate.

UGA Majors Renamed to Describe What They Actually Are

We've discovered in our graduation research that some names of the majors offered at UGA fall short of a BA standard. (Read: badass and Bachelor of Arts)

5 Ways to Avoid Wanting to Die While Browsing the UGA Marketplace on Facebook

So how do you peruse the most overwhelming UGA group without wanting to die? We’ve come up with several ways. And we’ve included pictures!

7 Better Things UGA Could Have Spent $63 Million On than Sanford Revonations

We at The Black Sheep have tried to understand the logic behind spending that much money on a perfectly good stadium when we can think of at least seven better things to spend that hunk of cash on

Superheroes UGA Needs to Save You From Non-Football Athens Mayhem

There are so many things at UGA that can get you down, so why do we limit our mascot to just the heart-wrench that is UGA Football?