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Maggie Dryden

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University of Georgia
5 Types of People You’ll Meet During Drop/Add Week at UGA

There’s still a few days left in Drop/Add week though, and we can bet you’ll meet all of these five types of people during them.

5 Weirdest Ceramic Bulldogs in Athens

Every student at UGA knows that there are big ceramic bulldogs all over campus. Why? To heighten some sort of weird, made-in-a-kiln school spirit?

Types of UGA Professors If They Were Thanksgiving Dinner Favorites

This week we compared UGA professors to Thanksgiving foods. Guess who cranberry sauce is. Just guess.

How to Make UGA Football Home Games Great Again

We believe that these steps will enable UGA football to achieve the very vague and probably unachievable status of “great”.

If UGA Locations Were Former POTUSes

With this year's election day just around the corner, we thought it best to lighten the mood by comparing former POTUSes to UGA locations.

5 Places to Park at UGA When the Tate Deck is Full

We at The Black Sheep have compiled a list of the places we have found it best to park when the Tate Deck vacancy sign is unfortunately flashing red.

5 Worst Things That Could Happen at Frat Beach This Year

After the devastating loss against Vandy, the literal thing only thing that Dawg fans have to look forward to is a beach weekend in Saint Simons.

Bartender of the Week: Hedges on Broad’s Joel

This week we caught up with Joel, a bartender at Hedges on Broad to ask him some very serious questions about his opinions about Fall.

What Your Mode of UGA Transportation Says About You

The Black Sheep created this guide to help you get a read on your fellow Dawgs without ever actually having to talk to them.

MLC Study Spots as the 9 Circles of Hell

Let’s compare the glorious MLC to the 9 Circles of Dante’s Inferno, shall we?