Mandy Hetrick

Mandy Hetrick


5 Awkward Spots to Tan on UO’s Campus

When the weather is pleasant, Eugene is a beautiful place to be. When the sun comes out, the real challenge is finding somewhere to soak up the rays.

5 Really Convincing Excuses to Give Your UO Professors this Spring Term

Spring term hosts many events for University of Oregon students, who spend the term drinking, attending festivals, and going to Shasta.

You’re Not a True Duck Unless You Do These 5 Things Before Graduation

Graduation is quickly approaching for students at UO, and time is running out to blame all the stupid, reckless shit you do on the college experience.

Puddles to Face Charges After Relentlessly Harassing Students at PK Park, Again

Lauren was keeping to herself as usual, when Puddles proceeded to interrupt her spectating, and harass her in front of everyone in her section.

5 Tips for Thriving at the Ducks’ Spring Game This Saturday

The spring game gets UO students hyped AF because no matter what the previous season was like, we all hope that our Ducks kill it when fall comes around.

4 Items Every UO Student Needs to Survive Lake Shasta

It’s time for students at UO to pay, and prepare for the annual Lake Shasta retreat. All year, students look forward to making memories at Nasty Shasty.