Manisha Sharma

Manisha Sharma

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Virginia Tech
5 Ways to Survive the Last Weeks of VT Summer Classes

If you’re waking up earlier than the sun, looking longingly at the dining halls that aren’t open yet , it’s likely that you’re taking VT summer classes.

7 Thoughts All Dogs Have on the Drillfield

What exactly stirs inside of the canine mind when they come across this paradise? Here are 7 thoughts all dogs have while on the Drillfield.

The 7 Worst Things You’ll See on I-81

Whether you’re from NOVA or Virginia Beach, you have quite the long ride with several sights on I-81 ahead of you on the way to Tech.

7 Hells of South Riding, Virginia

South Riding, Virginia, is a place with charm, houses that all look the same, and plenty of people ready to snap at you if your beagle pees on their lawn.

Top 5 Ways to Cool Down in Blacksburg Without A/C

Because you're too cheap to pay for cooling, there are several ways to cool down without air conditioning this summer in Blacksburg.

If VT Dining Halls Had Honest Slogans

The VT dining halls have plenty of quirks and odd features, so to get them straight, each dining hall should have a slogan.

The 5 Easiest Ways to Get The Retreat’s Pool to Yourself

Everyone at VT over summer makes their way to The Retreat's dope pool at some point or another, but wouldn't it be nice to have the whole thing to yourself?

5 Pieces of Required Reading for Any and All Incoming VT Freshmen

However, if you’re getting ready to label yourself as a Hokie, you’d better be prepared to live like one, which requires some reading.

How to Transfer Your Drillfield People-Ignoring Skills to Your Hometown Grocer

If you can eye contact with TOTS-acquaintances on the Drillfield in between classes, you can handle this as well, with just a few tweaks: