Manuel Silva-Paulus

Manuel Silva-Paulus


Rutgers Chuckles and Gladly Accepts Rank as 69th Best U.S. College

Rutgers has received the honor of the 69th best school in the United States. Although unimpressive to many, the RU community bears the title with pride.

RU Majors Renamed to Fit What They Actually Are

It’s that time of year to start rethinking your life choices, so we renamed a few RU majors to help you choose your next poor life decision.

Rutgers Student Can’t Seem to Find An Apartment to Sublet Over the Summer

Rutgers student Scarlett Johnson has found no luck with Rutgers Facebook groups in trying to find a place to sublet over the summer.

Rutgers Approves Construction on New Athletic Building to Boost Football Team’s Morale

Rutgers University approved the construction of a new multisport and training facility for Rutgers athletes since all the other shit they have isn't enough.

4 Kinds of People You Meet on the Bus Based on Which Campus You’re Going To

If you're ever lost and stuck on a Rutgers bus, you can easily find out where you're going based on who's riding the bus with you.

6 Things to Do When the LX Bus Leaves You Behind

The most annoying and frustrating thing is being left behind by a Rutgers bus. Here are 6 things you can do when you get dubbed by a bus driver.

Scott Hall Bus Stop in State of Anarchy After Opening of The Yard

The Scott Hall bus stop has been in a complete state of anarchy after the opening of the Yard apartments on College Avenue.

5 Places to Live at RU If You Got a Sh*tty Lottery Number

Have a high lottery number? Don't want to live with a bunch of freshmen in the Quads? Here are five alternative places to live for the fall semester.

RU Student Excuses Himself from Executive Order Protest, Claiming He Had ‘Class’

Rutgers student didn't attend the #NoBanNoWall protest because he had "class" but he "totally would've if he had the time."

Freshman Rushing Onto Bus Recruited As Rutgers Linebacker

Jack Coleman, a School of Arts and Sciences freshman, was recruited today as a linebacker for the Rutgers football team after being seen rushing onto a bus.