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Mary Grace Monzel

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7 OU Graduation Cap Design Ideas

You have 20 projects, 3 papers and 5 exams due within the next week before graduation and you haven’t started any of them. Don’t worry, The Black Sheep is here to give you another idea to procrastinate. Why not start decorating your graduation cap? We came up with some great ideas:7.) Shively SHIT I’m graduating!:This […]

The Count From Sesame Street to Make Appearance at Number Fest

He plays the character of The Count and he teaches young and dumb children to do simple math. For example, he has a lesson about how to count to three.

5 Things Your OU College Tour Didn’t Show You (But Should Have)

You learned that every tree on College Green is native to Ohio, and that you can hear your echo in Baker when you stand in that special spot.

QUIZ: Which OU Mom are You?

In ten years when you’re coming back for OU Mom’s Weekend, which mom will you be?

Pyramid’s Hookah Buys Out Abandoned McDavis House

“The bats are calmed by the tobacco so it’s honestly a win-win. We don't have to pay $50 for an exterminator & we move into an million dollar house instead"

5 Best OU Commencement Speaker Candidates

The only perk of graduating is possibly listening to a cool commencement speaker to fire you up for your future.

QUIZ: Which Athens Petland Puppy Are You?

When you're visiting the store, you may even see a little bit of yourself within those adorable dogs. This quiz to tells you which Petland puppy is you.

Top Places to Take Edgy Instagram Photos on OU Campus

The Black Sheep went around OU's campus as well as Athens County to find the best places to make your account full of lit pics.

If Athens Had Amazon Reviews They’d Look Something Like This

If you've ever browsed Amazon reviews, you'll know they can be pretty brutally honest. So we found the best reviews to describe life in Athens.

QUIZ: Which OU Themed Gift Should You Give Your Boo For Valentine’s Day?

Most OU students haven’t even had the time to think about what to get their SO for Valentine’s Day. So we made a quiz to find the perfect OU related gift.