Matt Gruby

Matt Gruby

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Boston College
Game of Thrones Season 7 is Going to be Hot Garbage

We love this show as much as anyone, but there’s no guarantee that it can maintain the heart-wrenching power of its past seasons.

As Temperatures Rise into June & July, EPA Fears Fiery Apocalypse Awaits Us All

New EPA head Scott Pruitt announced to the nation today that climate change may, in fact, be a scientific possibility.

Trump Struggles to Find Snappy Wordplay to Describe Comey Firing

Hundreds of discarded pieces of paper littered the Oval Office floor, covered in barely-legible scribbles ranging from “Comey Comey Comey Chameleon (?)” to “Easy Comey, Easy Go.”

Top 5 Ways to Bribe Your BC Teachers Out of Taking Finals

During BC finals week, it’s easy to panic over how to handle oncoming finals. But in the chaos, you often lose the most obvious solution-cheat your way out!

Social Media Site FacePalm Lessens Finals Stress by Linking Students to Less Fortunate Friends

The latest social media craze sweeping the nation is specifically tailored to relieve finals stress. FacePalm, named after the most common finals season gesture, features a range of tools and techniques to distract and calm even the most ravaged mind. Other social media lets people cloak themselves in perfection. Even as their roofs collapse on the […]

7 Things to Whisper As You Walk by a BC Tour Group

Crowds of eager eaglets crowding up the walkways, taking up valuable brainspace you could be using to stress over finals.

Your BC 420 Guide to Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Munchies

You’ve enjoyed a sweet toke, gathered with friends and started a classic Spongebob episode. Now it’s time to deal with the munchies.

NY State Offers Free Admission to Liberal Brainwashing Camps

The Red dawn rose earlier this week to the sonorous, single-note cheers of a zombified nation. New York State announced it planned to provide free college tuition to all inhabitants, officially forgoing its title as the champion of American culture. Millennials everywhere greeted this news with noncommittal grunts before slouching back onto the couches their […]

8 Guaranteed Ways to Piss Off A BC Student

If you try any of the following stunts on Chestnut Hill turf, we are legally not responsible for the tragic results.

The Daily Routine You Need to Become The Perfect BC Student

 Perfection is tricky.  Like confidence, financial security and Abercrombie models’ abs, it is something everyone obsesses over but nobody has the slightest clue how to achieve. Except for the flawless celestial beings at The Black Sheep. Peering down upon you poor soggy fleshlings, we have decided to show mercy and unlock the vault containing the secrets […]