Max Alders

Max Alders

University of Iowa to Humanely Put Down 50 TAs in Preparation for Summer Slowdown

Citing recent budget cuts as well as seasonal drops in work, the university announced Monday that they will be humanely euthanizing 50 Teaching Assistants.

QUIZ: What Kind Of Hawkeye Are You, Based On Your Dreams?

Do you dream in black and gold? We at The Black Sheep can tell you exactly what kind of University of Iowa student you are based on your sleep habits.

5 of the Most Sinister Iowa City Conspiracies You’ve Probably Never Thought About

Wake up, sheeple. We’re all just playthings to the puppetmasters. TBS has compiled a definitive guide to Iowa City's biggest secrets, dupes and deceptions.

Uncertain ICON Deadline Increases Hawkeye’s Stress Level Uncertainly

Reported Monday Eli Morgan stated that he was possibly being stressed out about an upcoming deadline, though he couldn't confirm it’s exact date.

6 Things That Will Always Piss Off a Hawkeye

Never assume that a patient Hawkeye is not a wrathful Hawkeye. Here are 7 ways to get that black and gold blood boiling when tempers run hot.

Hillcrest Dessert Bar Employee Tracks Depression in Students via Apple Pie

Andy Berkman, an employee of the Dessert Bar at the Hillcrest Dining Hall, told reporters Tuesday his unique method for tracking student depression.

Iowa City Locals Admit They Have No Idea Where Iowa River Begins Or Ends

A city-wide survey that took place Thursday revealed that no one in Iowa City could recall with any certainty the headwaters or terminus of the Iowa River. The Iowa River, which flows prominently through the middle of Iowa City and powers the Burlington Street Dam, exists outside the field of expertise of every man, woman, […]