Max Babcock

Max Babcock

Is It Okay To Punch Brother Jed?

We here at The Black Sheep started wondering who might deserve a punch to the face. And then we thought of Brother Jed, the bat-shit crazy Jesus freak.

ISU Student Determined to “Actually Try” this Semester

After failing most of his classes last semester, freshman Joshua Asher returned to ISU determined to “do classes and stuff now” to improve his GPA.

5 Ways to Make Cool New Friends in the New Year

Whether you’re transferring to ISU this semester or you just realized the friends you have are absolute pieces of shit, it’s always nice to meet new people.

How to Score a Sweet Seat at Milner in the Grips of Finals Week

Finding a seat at Milner on finals week is kind of like knowing a Smash Mouth song that isn’t “All Star.” It’s very rare, and always uncomfortable.