Maya Bassuk

Maya Bassuk


UIowa Senior Gets Minimalist Tattoo of her P.A.U.L.A. Citation

UI Senior Meagan Hertz of Cedar Rapids, has recently posted her newest body art on Instagram, with the caption “Legally inked, betches #tatted.”

5 Things To Do With Your Cap and Gown Once You’ve Graduated

Congratulations! You are now a proud alumnus/alumna/alpaca of the University of Iowa. Days ago, you walked across the stage in Carver Arena.

Iowa Sophomore Changes Jogging Route to Burlington Street to Get More Attention

UI sophomore, Angela Fretters has changed her tri-weekly jogging routine to attract more attention. Fretters now runs up and down Burlington.

5 Ways to Avoid Cleaning Your South Johnson Apartment

Here are 5 ways you can continue to avoid cleaning your dirty ass apartment, since you either blew an entire semester’s worth of Currier front desk earnings in #CABO or hibernated in a pile of your own filth last week.

5 of the Best Spots in Iowa City To Stuff Your Face for $3

After extensive ground research, we've compiled a list of the five best places on or near campus to sate your inebriated cravings for $3 or less.

7 Things Every Iowa Student Thinks About During Sex

We've conducted a very legitimate*, comprehensive**, peer***-reviewed study, from which we have compiled a definitive list of Iowan turn-ons.

Fearless UI Freshman Attempts Beyoncé Dance Moves in Main Library

Early this week, University of Iowa freshman Linda Berkowitz dared to go where no student—nay, no Iowan—has gone before.

5 Emails Every Hawkeye Has Received and Immediately Deleted

Here’s a list of emails every Iowa student has received, opened, and angrily deleted in a fit of rage.

8 Pick Up Lines for the Horny Hawkeye *in* You This Valentine’s Day

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: skies are gray, midterms are looming, you’re still fat from winter break, and VDay is just around the corner.

5 Useful Gen-Eds the University of Iowa Should Actually Offer

Human Anatomy can suck our gluteus maximuses. Western Civ? Why read about it when you can watch it crumble in real time! We have some better ideas.