Michael Agnello

Michael Agnello

Chief Campus Editor

University of Massachusetts
SHOCKING: Mike Posner Announced as First Spring Concert Act, No One Cares

SGA has announced that Mike Posner will be one of the acts to perform at Mullins Live! on March 4th. Students reactions have been less than pleasant.

7 UMass Inspired Pick Up Lines Sure to Get You Laid this Valentine’s Day

Are YOU without a partner this Valentine’s Day? Not anymore. Use any or all of these pick up lines and you will be making love in no time.

Bartender of the Week: Olde Towne Tavern’s Mike

We interview Mike from Olde Towne Tavern for our Bartender of the Week feature.

Classes Cancelled After Amherst Swarmed By 8-12 Inches Of ‘Liberal Snowflakes’

Local weathermen are referring to the storm today as “markedly different” from ones past. Predications estimate 8-12 inches of ‘liberal snowflakes.’

UMass Student Affairs Consulted Trump For Super Bowl Guest Policy

Chancellor Subbaswamy and the leaders of Student Affairs had some help crafting the extremely fascist Super Bowl guest policy: The Donald.

QUIZ: We Bet We Can Guess Your Freshman Dorm Based On Your First Weekend Back at UMass

Our environment helps to mold us. Where you lived freshman year determines your friendships, personalities, and of course, your weekend activities.

Ranking the Sexiness of UMass Basketball Players by Name Only

So, to familiarize the student body with our best sports team’s looks, we’re ranking each player’s sexiness solely based on their name. That’s fun, right?

Top 10 Best Places To Hide Your UMass Dorm Room Booze

Worried about boozin’ it up before your engineering lecture in Marston? Never fear, we’ve found the best locations to hide your stash from your RA.

UMass “Shit-In” Protesters Unveil Their Real Demands

Now that the GLU has national attention, they want to pursue their real demands; the ones that led them to title the protest a “Shit-in” in the first place.

If UMass Colleges Were Snapchat Filters

Speaking of dick-pics, here’s what UMass colleges would look like as Snapchat filters.