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Michael Annan

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Top 10 Things to Do Your Last Day in Blacksburg

So you’re graduating. Then you realize that you won’t be in Blacksburg again for a long time. But, you still have a million things to do on your last day

D2 Food Mashups Not for the Faint-Hearted

Ever get an intense impulse to combine everything that D2 has to offer? Like eggs topped with Cheerios and chicken? No? Well, we did it anyway.

Senior Only Goes to Spring Game to Throw Up “VT” Hand Sign, Won’t Admit It

Mary Pint was very excited for the Spring Game on Saturday, but her excitement had very little to do with the game itself.

7 Guaranteed Ways to Piss Off a Tech Student

Tech students are usually a pretty happy bunch, but there are some sure fire ways to piss them off. Here are some of them.

5 Ways to Seduce a Sexy Stranger in Torg Bridge

The Bridge doesn’t just have to be a study spot that connects Torg and Newman. With the right moves, it can connect you with that ~special somebody~

The Top 5 Theories Behind Why BOTS Still Isn’t Open

You may have noticed that it’s no longer early 2016. You also may have noticed that BOTS still remains under construction and unopened.

5 Things to Do With Your Busted Bracket Since You Had Tech in the Championship

So, you're like Tim Kaine and predicted the Hokies to win it all, huh? Luckily, we have some solutions for you now that your bracket is busted as F.

Blacksburg Bartender of the Week: Nicole from TOTS

Ever wonder what's the weirdest interaction Nicole's ever had while working at TOTS? Hint: it has to do with hands walking.

81 Different Construction Projects Announced for I-81 this Weekend

The majority of the work on I-81 will begin around Christiansburg and continues off and on up until the Front Royal exit.

Tech Hoops Excited For Disappointing Hopeful Fans

The basketball team (yes, we have a team. No Cassell isn’t an indoor football stadium) was thrilled to follow up two nice wins with a loss at Louisville.