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4 of the Best and Worst Bathrooms at GVSU

What can we say? Everyone's gotta go and everyone's gotta go at school no matter how long you try to hold it until you get home.

What Happened to GVSU’s Study Abroad in Russian Students?

After cancelling the Russian Study Abroad program back in 2014, GVSU neglected to bring home multiple students still left overseas. What happened to them?

GVSU Student Dissatisfaction Leads to Short-Lived Revolution

An uprising occurs between the LGBT Resource Center and the Pokemon club but then join forces to protest a more important legislature.

GVSU’s Your Family, So Why Go Home for Thanksgiving?

Why go home when you can stay on campus and get your family-fill right here? The students on campus are basically your family anyway.

Late Professor Learns to Operate Class VCR, Accidentally Plays Porno

After learning to operate the VCR in her classroom, Professor Annabella Centarious realize she's accidentally played an old porno.