Mili Godio

Mili Godio

Local Sorority Girl Distraught After Instagram Post Doesn’t Meet Regular “Like” Quota

Eliza Diaz, member of Zeta Eta Pi sorority, became distressed after noticing she wasn’t getting at least four likes per second on her latest Instagram post.

6 Things More Appealing than Hearing Your Mom Complain All Summer

Even though this was supposed to be the “best summer yet,” your mom guilt-tripped you into spending it with the family you “forgot about” while away.

Registration for UF Weed Science Courses Skyrocket after 4/20

UF Weed Science is infamous for its drop rate. But few courses have witnessed such a massive spark in registration as Intro to Weed Science this 420.

UF Student Convinces Parents to Pay for a Summer of “Dicking Around” Abroad

UF sophomore Breanne Miller has successfully convinced her parents, Chad and Karen, to pay for her Summer B semester to be spent "dicking around" abroad.

5 Unique Ways to “Treat Yo’ Self” in Gainesville

To fuel that pleasure-seeking monster you unknowingly created (thanks to Parks & Rec), here are Gainesville's 5 best ways to "treat yo’ self."

Do You REALLY Belong at UF or are you Seminole Trash?

Here's a way to prove whether you truly live the #swamplife or need to take the trail of tears. So take this quiz: UF or FSU?