Moe Lowe

Moe Lowe

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DePaul University
DePaul Majors Renamed to Fit What They Actually Are

Whether you’re a troubled white boy with creative suppression majoring in comp sci, or smoke-infused geek at the Theatre School, we’ve compiled a list of you really are.

QUIZ: Where at DePaul Should You Publicly Masturbate Today?

Hey's it's a big city and your roommates are always f***in' hanging around, so why not?

DePaul Bartender of the Week: Anthony from Kelly’s Pub

Meet Anthony, this week's Bartender of the Week! He slings martinis at Kelly's and says his sex life is best characterized by a dolphin.

Quiz: Are You a DePaul Sadboi?

The ~ladies~ of our writing staff recently decided that every male they've met on this campus is a sadboi. So, what kind of sadboi are you?

DePaul to Build Breathtaking Mural of Your Leaked Nudes

The mood’s been pretty flaccid at DePaul. We need an erect and gorging piecing of artwork to embody the type of mentality we hope to achieve.

8 Cheesey Pickup Lines Guaranteed to Land a DePaul Student in Your Bed

Are you the Belmont stop? Because I'd like to transfer from the red to the brown line, if ya catch my drift ;)

DePaul College Republicans and 4 Other F***boys You’ll Meet at DePaul

DePaul may just have the highest population of f*ckboys on the planet, but now that they've won control of America, do we take the time to appreciate them?

7 Keys to Succeeding at DePaul Without Really Trying

how does one continue to succeed while being fashionably apathetic and not a go-getting try hard? Well, it takes years of practice and lots of money.

What to do After Falling in Love With a Stranger on the CTA…

Maybe it’s the well-dressed business man with a face made of platinum. Or maybe it’s the blonde Lincoln Park mom who wipes the poles with Lysol.

The Types of Farts You Get Based on the Stu Food You Eat

It’s no secret that Stu food isn’t exactly a dream for your intestines, so here's a breakdown of what kind of farts you'll get from specific Stu foods.