Narumi Mitchell

Narumi Mitchell


7 Ways To Completely Piss Off A Berkeley Student

Oh, so you're a Stanford reject?

10 Places to Stuff Your Drunk Face in Berkeley for $3

Looking for a place to stuff your face for under $3? Well, look no further we've got all the info you could ever need.

Berkeley Christians Offended by Cultural Appropriation Displayed at Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras celebrations last night may have been fun, but they came at a steep price.

15 Pickup Lines That Only Berkeley Students Could Pull Off

Are you Dwinelle Hall? Because I'd like to get lost inside you!

The Best Memes That Came Out of #MiloatCal

Where there's a protest, there's a meme.

Cal Student’s Masculinity Confirmed on Bid Day

Bid day just happened, and so many young men are excited to finally confirm their masculinity!!

Cal Clubs Sad They Have to Wait Another Week to Beg Students to Join Them

With Calapalooza postponed a week, many clubs are sad they have to wait a week to yell, "Are you interested in business!?"

Bartender of the Week: The Five’s Paige

Name: Paige Bar:  The Five Relationship Status:  Single Major: Sociology Favorite Drink:  Templeton’s Rye Favorite Shot: Same Disgusting Drink:  AppletiniWhat is 5’s New Year’s Resolution?: Three words…What fictional character is 5 most like? Why?: Dunbar from Catch 22. Because it’s slow and weird.Explain your New Year’s Eve in 3 words:  Tequila. Dancing. Friends.What cabinet position would you […]

Cal Students Regretful of Winter Romance

Over the holiday break, many accomplished Cal Berkeley students adopt a mild form of Stockholm syndrome to cope with the boredom and lack of crippling workloads. And running away to your high school ex’s house is a great way to avoid your religious Aunt Sheryl’s curiosity with the mythical gays that exist in Berkeley.Jennifer Collins, […]