Natalie Jones

Natalie Jones

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University of Maryland
6 Things You Need to Do Before Getting the Hell Out of College Park

Whether you’re a graduating senior or a freshman with three years of suffering left, there are some things that need to be done before you leave.

The 6 Best Places to Hang Your Hammock Around UMD

It’s finally springtime, and that means: laying out on the mall, endless darties, and hammocks set up in only the most prime locations on campus.

7 Things That Piss Off Every Terp

The Black Sheep has compiled a list of all the things most likely to piss off any Terp at any time, nearly anywhere

Which Maryland Building Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Each Zodiac sign is said to have its own distinct personality, sorta like the buildings around UMD.

The 8 Best Places to Nap at UMD, Because You Deserve It

Whether you need one because of class, a drunken night out, or you’re just f*cking tired, a good nap can make or break your day.

The Ultimate UMD Snow Day Itinerary

The most important question remains to be answered: how are you going to spend your snow day in College Park?

UMD Frats Spend All Night Crafting To Prepare for Big-Little Reveal

Fratty friends have spent the last few weeks drinking more than a few beers in order to find the guy they want to call their best bro for life.

The 5 Best UMD Alerts of the Past Year

College Park is a strange place, and we have no idea how the UMPD manage to keep a straight face while reporting the things that happen around town.

QUIZ: Which College Park Bar Are You?

In College Park, the weekend starts on Thursday, and it’s a Terp rite of passage to go down to Route 1 to stand in line for any one of several over-rated bars. Still, each one does have it’s own unique personality of sorts. With our totally accurate quiz, we can tell which bar you are […]

The Perfect UMD Valentine’s Day Cards for Your Crush

It’s Valentine’s Day, and you know what that means: expensive chocolates, fancy dinner dates, and overly sappy cards. If you’re dating a fellow Terp (as you should be), we guarantee they’ll cry Maryland-colored tears of joy if you send them one of our Valentine’s Day cards instead of the boring old Hallmark ones.6.) Build Up Your […]