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Nicholas Stahl

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5 Things Every Junior Thinks When Walking Past the John Hannah Statue

Although junior year can be a terrifying time for Spartans, John A. Hannah's enthusiastic stride can always brighten our day!

Grand River Described in Only Haiku

Sounds good at first, but is way harder than expected (that is what she said). Here’s freaking haiku describing our illustriously dignified Grand River.

6 Things Every MSU Student Thinks About at Conrad’s at 3 a.m.

It’s been a long night. You’re tired. You should really go to bed. Then, you see it. The blurry green lettering that is Conrad’s Grill.

6 Best Welcome Week Parties to Attend as a Freshman at MSU

What better way to break in the fresh blood than with some good ol’, classy, underage inebriation?

WOW! You’ll Never Believe These 6 Things Washed Up in the Red Cedar Flood!

The Red Cedar River is foul. And MSU students love to drop even more foul things into it. Here are 6 wild things that washed up after the Red Cedar flood.

QUIZ: Which Smirking MSU Campus Statue Are You?

We hardly notice them, but they’re always there, keeping an eye on us. Much like a snowflake, no two statues are the same.

6 Gross Places MSU That Need Spring Cleaning

Ah, Spring Cleaning. Everything in your life is a mess, including your school. Here are 6 MSU buildings that need some serious spring cleaning.

6 Unconventional Ways to De-Stress Before Finals at MSU

Before you know it, finals will be here, and you’ll be spontaneously vomiting all over your friends due to the overwhelming, looming fear of the results.

How to Get Laid in Your Leprechaun Costume this Weekend

To celebrate our favorite holiday, we at The Black Sheep made a step-by-step guide on how to get laid in your leprechaun costume.

The MSU Workout Plan to Get That Spring Break Body You’ve Always Dreamed Of

That freshy 15 is hard to shed. Here’s a Michigan State University workout plan that can surely get you the body you’ve always dreamt of.