Nick Aguila

Nick Aguila

UF Students Literally Dying to See Theresa Caputo Live!

The “Long Island Medium” star Theresa Caputo has scheduled an event in Gainesville tonight, but since tickets aren’t free, students are dropping dead just to get to see her. Allie Day, a sophomore communications major was the first to disappear after tweeting out on Wednesday: “Every other speaker who came here was free thanks to […]

Do You REALLY Belong at UF or are you Seminole Trash?

Here's a way to prove whether you truly live the #swamplife or need to take the trail of tears. So take this quiz: UF or FSU?

Lil’ Wayne Arrives in Gainesville, Thinks He’s in Tallahassee

Reaching out to Grapevine PR, an agent confirmed that Lil’ Wayne would have no clue he was in Gainesville before, during and after his performance.

Coach White Still Sobbing in Madison Square Garden After Sunday’s Loss

Coach Mike White is proud of our Gator team, but remains dissatisfied with his NCAA bracket. "I doubted us—and for that I’m a damned fool,” said White.

SG President No Longer Needs To Follow the UF Honor Code

Student Honor Code Administration states that the “UF honor code doesn’t apply to presidents,” in response to the recent presidential spring break scandal.

UF Beats Imaginary School East Tennessee State, Pretty Sure UVa is Imaginary Too

After the imaginary Buccaneers sound defeat, Gators predict that losing the upcoming game against UVA Cavaliers is an alternative fact.

8 Ways the New APIA Director Could Really F*ck Shit Up

After our former APIA disaster, we did some research to find ways that the new APIA director could really fuck shit up.

UF Basketball Scouting for the Next Token White Guy

With Gators’ basketball losing its two white players, Sports Management freshman C.J. Watson noticed an issue: Who’s the next token white guy on the team?