Nicole Sullivan

Nicole Sullivan

S*** You’re Too Old For at Penn State

While transitioning into a human being who needs to start checking LinkedIn more often than BuzzFeed, you ponder (and Google) how to act like this mythical creature: A soon-to-be-graduate. Whether your continuous immature actions are plain habit or signs of your not-so-secret quarter-life crisis, The Black Sheep is here to assure you that the real world […]

A Freshman Penn Stater’s Guide to Annoying Things You’ll be Forced To Do This Parents Weekend

It’s week eight at Penn State, and as a college student you’re a little too comfortable with the freedom. You’re eating chips and queso in bed for the “first” time and wearing your dirty underwear inside out. Yet your mom believes you’re “doing fine!” from the texts you send 45 minutes after her eleven consecutive […]

7 Ways Penn State Students Avoid Studying for Midterms

It seems like yesterday it was syllabus season, the time of year to claim your seat in class by a potential bae. Somehow, it’s already midterm season and bae is now sitting on the opposite side of the classroom, avoiding your pathetic attempts at small talk. While this may be one of your only distractions […]