Noah Friend

Noah Friend

Local Clock to Play Lead Role in Upcoming Tisch Student Thesis Film

Fresh off of a leading role in a Tisch film, famous clock is slated to appear in yet another groundbreaking student thesis film this month.

NYU Announces the Seasonal Opening of Second Campus Swimming Pool-The WSP Fountain

Last week, the NYU Department of Athletics announced that they would be opening a second NYU pool for the spring, summer and part of the fall.

NYU Rumored To Be Opening New Anti-Lipton Dining Hall, Specializing in Unhealthy Food

According to an anonymous source in the NYU dining leadership, NYU is considering creating a new “anti-Lipton” dining hall for unhealthy food.

Study Shows There Are No Real Wizards of Waverly Place

A recent study concluded that there aren’t actually any wizards living on Waverly Place in New York City, much to the dismay of NYU students.

WSP Construction Crew Discovers Student Hiding From Responsibilities

NEW YORK–While digging around Washington Square Park this past week, a construction crew discovered CAS sophomore Stephanie Hartman camped out underground. The discovery was first made by worker Bruce Fremn. “Yeah, we were just doing our normal construction—digging random shit up and putting back in the exact same place with a piece of metal over […]

NYU Expands Number Of Tech Support Workers Instead Of Buying Technology That Actually Works

In a recent press release, NYU announced that they will be hiring more tech support workers to help fix the technology on campus