Shannon Violetti

Shannon Violetti

Chief Campus Editor

George Mason
An Open Letter About Mason’s Rathskeller

Let’s be honest, The Rat isn’t the best place to drink, but it is one of the best (legal) places to get drunk on campus. And we are all Mason Hood Rats.

Your Guide to Thanksgiving Festivities at Mason

Happy one day off from classes, Patriots! Mason has some exciting events planned for those staying on campus, as well as those who need an excuse to do so.

Comparing Mason To 7 Classic Video Games

We all have something in common here at Mason, and it's our love for throwback video games. And GMU itself is a reflection of all of them.

6 Reasons To Be Thankful We Don’t Go To GW

The rivalry has lived far longer than our university, so here are 6 reasons why George Mason's Patriots are glad they aren't Colonials of GW.

True Horror Stories From GMU Student Health Services

Free condoms, a false pregnancy diagnosis, the nasty waiting room, and Ebola. Mason's Student Health Services has it all for us Patriots.

The Truth About Every Mason Club Sport

Before you join a club sport at Mason, maybe you should consider these things about them first. See you on the field with your broomsticks, Patriots!