Nour Seleem

Nour Seleem


Rutgers Freshman Stranded on Busch After Parents Forget to Pick Him Up

Rutgers freshman and Phi Beta Fish brother James McChick was abandoned by his parents today, leaving him stranded on Busch campus for the summer.

7 Steps to Convincing Your RU Professor to Give You the A You Don’t Deserve

It's the end of the semester, which means it's time to start stalking your professor until they give you that "well-deserved" A.

9 Kinds of Stoners You’ll Meet At Rutgers On 4/20

Since today's the day to cherish God's green gift to the word, we're giving you a peek at the nine types of people you'll see on campus.

7 Creative Meals to Make From the Sh*t in the Rutgers Dining Halls

In between dages, students should be sure to eat at any of the 4 dining halls to refuel and refocus to maximize party experience.

RU Students Embrace Healthier Dining Hall Options With Crouton Based Salads

Rutgers will trade in its unhealthy takeout options for options that include more grilled chicken and other shit no self-respecting college student eats.

QUIZ: Do You Belong At RU Or Are You Penn State Trash?

Want to confirm your RU pride? Here's a quiz to determine if RU is truly where you belong or if PSU is where you should be (God forbid).

Top 10 Ways to Win Over Your RU Professor (Trust Us)

Trying to win over a professor? We understand it's hard, so we came up with things to do that are sure to wow any professor at Rutgers.

10 Things To Do Over Spring Break If You’re Stuck At Rutgers

Whether you're stuck at Rutgers for work or by choice, here are 10 things you can do to spice up your spring break on campus.

10 Things to Do at an RU Frat Party at Least Once

Do you get bored from the usual Rutgers frat parties? No worries, The Black Sheep has the hook-up to make frat parties great again!

Warm Weather in New Brunswick Causes Strange Behavior in Students and Bus Drivers

The increase in temperature caused a string of strange events all over Rutgers, including a disappearance of bus drivers and unusual student behavior.