Olivia Howe

Olivia Howe


UO Student Distraught After Parents Forget to Send Valentine’s Day Care Package

Last night, many concerned students reported that they could hear loud crying from the stairwell of Robbins wing in the Hamilton dorms.

UO Sorority Girls Attend First Non-Greek Life Party, Are Shocked By What They See

This past weekend, UO freshman Corinne Williams was invited to a non-Greek party. As a member of the Greek community, Williams was unusually excited.

5 Spots on 13th Where You Can Stuff Your Face for $3

Picture this: you’re walking down 13th off campus with your friends when your one annoyingly rich friend suggests you all go grab a gyro at Caspian.

UO Freshman Learns He’s Technically a Sophomore Credit Wise, Tells Everyone

Students are upset by the start of a new term. For Carl Patterson however, this is not the case. Although a freshman, he just became a sophomore in credits.

Coach Helfrich Already on Plane Out of the Country When He Learned He’d Been Fired

University of Oregon announced on Tuesday that football head coach, Mark Helfrich, would be fired after four years with the team.

The 8 Dos and Don’ts of Finals Week: A UO Survival Guide

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, week ten has arrived. And when you thought that was the bad news, remember that finals are in one week.

A Definitive Ranking of the Most Popular Coffee Spots on the UO Campus, for Your Convenience

In case you weren’t stressed enough, finals are in two weeks. Soon you’ll be studying for however many days straight, staying awake until your brain hurts, and downing caffeine like it’s your job. You’ll need a good study space that also provides a steady supply of coffee to keep your struggling mind persevering through dead […]

The Definitive List of Oregon Majors as Snapchat Filters

At the collegiate level, Snapchat filters represent more than just our basicness, they can also represent the essence of the most popular majors on campus.