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Patch Boomhauer

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7 Times You’d Totally Take the L to be Back at UMN

Alas, the school year has ended and you’ve had to go back to your boring summer life. At some point you’re going to start hankering for your incrementally more enjoyable life in the land of maroon and gold, even if that also means staying up way too late worrying about your post-grad life or falling […]

Top 10 Things to Do Your Last Week On Campus

You made it! Somehow, after all the crying nights and tequila shots, it’s your last night on campus. Don’t just sit around and reflect on what you’ve learned or tell your friends how grateful you are for them. You want your last night here to be memorable, so get out on campus and fuck shit […]

UMN Hipster Still Smug About Not Attending Spring Jam

“I stayed in, played video games, and listened to my incredibly expansive and cultured music collection,” Jenson said.

6 Way Better Things to Buy at the U Than a Ticket to Spring Jam

If you’re a bit confused over why people are so excited about Spring Jam, don’t worry. Day drinking and artists with symbols in their names aren’t for everyone. If you think your $25 would be better spent somewhere else, peep this list for some inspiration. 6.) Minnesota Orchestra Ticket: If you’d rather spend your time […]

QUIZ: Do you REALLY Belong at UMN, or Are You a Filthy Badger?

Choose your answers carefully, since your outcome says more about you than any personality test could.

7 Things You Definitely Don’t Want to Find in the Nutritious U Food Pantry

These are just a few of the things you really wouldn’t want to find in the food pantry.

Top 6 Places to Take Your Broke Ass This Spring Break

If you can’t get your parents to pay for a trip to somewhere exotic for spring break, you’re not going anywhere.

Comparing 7 Things Residents and Non Residents Could Buy With Tuition Hike Money

The hike works out to about an extra $346 and $2,226, respectively. Take a look at what sorts of things that amount could translate into.

5 Best Places to Satisfy Your Drunchies for $3 at the U

The Black Sheep has a great list for you and your drunk budget – as long as you’re willing to only spend three dollars.

U of M Campus Buildings Rated Exclusively on Exterior Appearance

A lot of buildings on campus are pretty cool looking, and it’s neat to see all manner of architectural styles (and mishaps) on a stroll to class.