Paul Marvin

Paul Marvin

7 Hells of Bloomfield Hills, MI

Ah, the Bloomfield Bubble. A place that's just a little bit nicer, safer, and slightly more uptight than the “nice area” near you.

12 Things You Probably Shouldn’t Have on Your Screen When Your Boss Walks By

We all know the feeling of a job that simply fails to keep you awake at any hour of the day. When things get really boring, our minds tend to browse...

3 Weeks Into Internship, MSU Student Gets Promoted from Coffee Maker to Lunch Delivery

Ruiz received a note that brought tears of joy to his eyes. On a napkin left near his coffee pot, his boss wrote “Can you bring me & the guys sandwiches?”

President Simon Walks at Graduation to See If People Even Recognize Their Own Damn University President

President Simon conducted a little experiment during graduation. She donned a cap and gown, as any graduating Spartan would, and walked.

On-Campus Parking Becomes Free at MSU, Immediately Following Commencement

MSU Parking Services has made on-campus parking free, immediately following the commencement for the class of 2017.

8 Things to Just Throw In the Trash Before You Leave MSU

On top of the good stuff - like clothes, laptops, etc. - there lies a large collection of goods that are best kept in a dumpster, never to be seen again.

7 Ways You Could Improve Your Life This Spring (But Won’t)

Spring is here, Spartans! The start of a new season provides a fantastic opportunity to begin some new habits and get some tasks done as well. But you won't

Red Cedar Flooding Subsides, Campus Now Flooded with Tiny Bibles

As the flooding decreased, the bibles began to spread. It wasn’t long before a new flood terrorized MSU students, a flood of unwanted religious literature.

7 EL Luxuries You Could Have Afforded Had You Not Spent Money on Formal

The fantastic season of fraternity formals is among us. Here are better things to spend your money on than a stinky dance.

7 Events That Should Be a Part of Greek Week at Michigan State

Each year, the school’s fraternity brothers/sorority sisters join together and compete for…some reason. Here's how to make Greek Week far more interesting.