Paul Mooney

Paul Mooney

The Official UD Final’s Week BINGO Board!

Not having enough fun studying for finals? Have no fear; we are here to help! Use this board to play while studying in Morris Library to make studying for finals just a little more detrimental to your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. What you’ll need: All you need to play this is your butt […]

The 6 Best Places to Smoke Weed on UD’s Campus

It’s 4/20, and that you will get high is not under question, but rather where. If you find yourself with a baggie of weed, but with no idea of what to do with it, look at our map of the six best places to get high on UD’s campus.6.) The “Green” Outside Redding Hall: At […]

Bartender of the Week: Deer Park’s Reggie!

Name: Reggie Bar: Deer Park Relationship Status: Single Major: I’m not in school right now, but marketing Favorite Drink: Moscow Mule Favorite Shot: Jameson Disgusting Drink: Captain Morgan “I used to love it, but not anymore.”How would you spend $20 in Deer Park?: I would buy a Farmhouse Burger and a Fireball shot.What is the […]

Top 10 Things UD Seniors Will Do In the Last Stretch of School

The doom is looming for many Blue Hens. With graduation around the corner, they just don’t give a sh*t anymore, so they do these things.

Willard Hall Stairs Replaced With Wall of Knives, Broken Glass

The university recently finished a renovation effort in Willard Hall, replacing the notoriously steep stairs with a completely vertical wall of knives and broken glass, in response to students complaints. Reception of the change by the student body has been overwhelmingly positive.“God, those stairs used to be so steep,” said junior Robert Dale. “Every day […]

From the Streets: What’s the Weirdest Time You’ve Seen Someone SHOW THEIR TITS?

"I once walked in on my roommate having sex, which I think counts." —Steve

Bartender of the Week: Grotto Pizza’s Dan

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever done in a body of water?: "Yikes. Chased after a sting ray, probably not an ideal thing to do."

“Don’t Make This Harder Than it Needs to Be,” Says Tearful Targett to YouDee Statue

On Sunday, interim president Nancy Targett was seen bidding sweet farewell to the lifeless metal statue of YouDee against a beautiful Delaware sunset.

Satanist Students Apply Rat Placenta To Foreheads In Yearly Ash Wednesday Tradition

As per annual tradition, devout Satanist students at UD applied rat placenta to their foreheads Wednesday, in celebration of Ash Wednesday.

Smoking E-Cig Outside Solidifies Man’s Position as Coolest Guy at Party

“The way he carried this large electronic device all the way from his house so he could vape outside of the party was just the coolest thing."