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Phan Tuyet

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Florida State University
The Do’s and Don’ts of Tallahassee Winter

Now that it’s actually cold in Tallahassee for once, we thought it’s finally time to bring out our list of winter do’s and don’ts, especially since...

How to Have a Perfectly Passive Aggressive Friendsgiving

It’s that time of year again where we get to go home and celebrate Thanksgiving while simultaneously figuring out how to drink as much as possible...

Ranking Sexiness of FSU Basketball Players by Name Only

Here at FSU, we all know that basketball is the most popular sport by default, which is why everyone always turns out for their games.

FSU Student Pre-games Too Hard in Voting Line, Doesn’t Make it to Booth

Who could have predicted that pregaming right before elections would have such unfortunate consequences for local FSU student Andre West, who reportedly...

7 Ways to Die at FSU

Midterms at FSU are over, but for many the exhaustion from sleepless nights and stress from possible (most likely) failing grades can sometimes be too much.

10 Places to Nap on FSU’s Campus During Midterm Week

It’s midterms season, and you know what that means. That’s right, you can probably look forward to all-nighters and coffee binges for the next few weeks.

How Screwed Are You For Midterms: A Flowchart

Thankfully, your friends at The Black Sheep have put together a flowchart to tell you exactly how screwed you are for midterms.

Decoding What Your FSU Professors Are Saying

If you’ve ever sat in HCB 101, or perhaps even Bellamy 108 and thought, “is my professor speaking in code?” then this is the guide for you.

5 Ways to Cram For an FSU All-Nighter

Fall is finally here, which calls for the return of Pumpkin Spiced Lattes, Halloween parties, and, sigh, midterms. That's right, it’s back to the painful...

The 5 Kinds of Guys You’ll Meet During Frat Rush Week at FSU

It’s that time of year again at FSU, and by that we mean rush week. Unfortunately, thanks to a bout of hands, foot and mouth disease that’s spread...