Porchia White

Porchia White

7 Pranks to Play on Students Visiting ISU’s Open House

ISU is getting too crowded as it is, so why not help out the university by scaring away some freshmen during open house?

7 Ways to Make It Through Your Post ISU Spring Break Depression

Spring break is over, and making it through the rest of the year will be rough. Here are a few things to help your post-break depression!

Ways to Pretend You’re at PCB Even Though You’re Broke and Alone at ISU

While an all-inclusive resort sounds nice, there are still plenty of things to do at ISU when you’re too broke to travel over spring break.

Best Spots Around ISU to Stuff Your Face for $3

Students love two things: eating food and saving money. So, here are the top 7 spots around ISU to stuff your face for only $3.

7 Ways to Let Everyone Know You’re a COB Prick During Business Week

Business Week is code for all business majors to be extra prick-y. So, here are some tips on how to show everyone how good you are at being an asshole!

ISU Student DDs Have Become More Profitable than ‘Normal’ Ubers

Although Uber drivers put Bloomington-Normal taxis on the brink of extinction, ISU DDs have reportedly been hogging all of the town's business.

ISU Acceptance Rate Increases Again, No One Concerned About Where to Fit All of the Freshmen

Many incoming freshman will be disappointed to find out they’ll most likely be sharing cardboard boxes their freshman year at Illinois State.

ISU Student Actually Finds Professor’s Lame Joke Funny

Multiple witnesses confirmed hearing one laugh from the back of the room, verifying that a student actually found a joke the professor made to be funny.

11 Spots to Snooze Around ISU’s Campus

Even though we’re Redbirds, there’s no designated bird’s nest to take a snooze in on campus, but don't worry, we found a few spots.

Leaked Email from President Dietz Confirms He’s Planning to Not Have Any Snow Days This Year

A leaked email from Dietz to ISU staff members suggests that students should not get their hopes up for any snow days this year.