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The Black Sheep Interviews UCSB College Republicans About Recent Milo Yiannopoulos Statements

since they got mad at us about a satirical article, we didn't want to mislead anybody with what was said or not said. Here's our full interview.

Huskies Just Teased a New “Tavern” Coming to Campus, Here’s What We Know

This morning, Huskies Bar teased adding a new bar, "Huskies Tavern," in a tweet with just the words "Coming Soon..." Will this be the elusive third bar on campus?

Welcome to Nashnal Devos Institute of Indocternation 2020

An admissions letter from the not-too-far future now that Betsy DeVos is in charge of our education system.

Another BC Communications Grad Fails to Meet Expectations at Professional Level

This comes as no surprise to other majors within the BC system, as Comm majors, are typically... well, let's just say "professionally stunted."

Booze Before Noon Episode 10: Big Brainy Bois

This week we celebrate Trump's America, and quickly transition to the law stating it is legal to watch porn in Chicago public libraries.

All 3 UCSB College Republicans Disappointed Their Gay, Woman Hating Provocateur Prince Can’t Come Rub Off on Them

Although 99.8% of campus is happy to not have to deal with humanity's closest embodiment of an internet troll coming to campus and spewing vitriol, UCSB College Republicans couldn't be more upset.

‘Bama Fan Base Rattled: Football Falls to #2 In Hearts Behind F***ing Cousins

If they won last night, they would've just gotten drunk and screamed Roll Tide at everything for the next 6 months. Now, they're at a crossroads.

Quiz: What Kind Of Clemson Fan Are You?

Do you know your Clemson Football? Is there only #OneTrueHeisman in your heart? Are you coherent and able to read? Find out!

Which Character from “The OA” Are You?

Which Character from "The OA" Are You? Take this quiz to find out if you're the OA or some other misunderstood teen!

Man Living Alone in House of 73 Mannequins Excited for Mannequin Challenge

Jesse Maxim a 43 year old man living in a small house stuffed with mannequins, is excited about the new internet sensation, "the mannequin challenge."