Rachael Crabb

Rachael Crabb

Chief Campus Editor

University of Pittsburgh
Top 5 Pitt Things You Never Thought You’d Miss

Once you leave Oakland you quickly realize what you’ve lost. Life at home is tough. Here are a few things at Pitt you probably took for granted.

5 Cool New Ways to Hide Alcohol From Your Parents this Summer

Gone are the days of hiding your bottle of Vlad in your dorm closet. Now you have to deal with nosy parents that keep barging in your room unannounced.

10 Worst Things About Oakland In The Summer

With significantly less stress, you’ll be able to truly enjoy yourself! That is, until reality sets in.

10 Blatant Lies the Pitt Pathfinders Tell Visiting Students

The Pitt Pathfinders are an institution of fake news. But rest assured, the hard hitting journalists of The Black Sheep are here to expose their lies!

5 Things at Pitt with a Lower Approval Rating than Trump

The President has struggled with his approval rating recently. But that's nothing compared to these Pitt monstrosities with even lower approval.

Top 5 Uses for Hillman Library That Aren’t Studying

Hillman Library, the campus building that’s seen you at your worst. Whether it be finals week all-nighters or that time you wrote a 20-page research paper in one sitting, these walls have seen you chug down more coffee and energy drinks than a normal human should, and perhaps the shelves have even hidden you from […]

5 Remedies for Your Inevitable Late-Term Apathy at Pitt

Whether your a senior dealing with senioritis or a freshman just waiting for summer, late-term apathy is common ailment. Here's a few good ways to cure it.

Pitt Campus Drinking Game to Help You Forget Basketball this March

You could barely even fill out your bracket. This Pitt basketball season was less than stellar. So here's a few drinking games to help you forget.

How to Spend Your Summer Based on Typical Pitt Majors

Spring break just passed and we’re already daydreaming of our next vacation. So here's what to do based on your major here at Pitt.

7 Fool-Proof Methods to Win Over Your Pitt Professor After Midterms

So midterms didn't go so well. There's still hope. We've got some stellar tips on how to win over your professor after midterms