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Raney Ni

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OSU Senior Takes On 69 Hours After Doing Bare Minimum the Last 3.5 Years

Recent news has broke that an OSU senior is taking 69 credit hours to graduate in time and make up for his three years filled of women's gender studies.

Renaming OSU Majors To Fit What They Are

Ohio State has so many majors, it's hard to keep track of their actual names. We decided to rename the majors to what they're actually known for.

How to Pretend Your Hometown is Actually Columbus

Spring break is here and you have no where to go! Yes, your life sucks, but don't worry. When you start missing OSU at home, go to these places.

How To: Steal An Oval Dog

This weekend brought unprecedented weather and an unprecedented amount of cute dogs to The Oval, increasing your will to live during midterms.

USG Campaign Manager Steps Down In Midst Of Scandal, Kellyanne Conway Steps In

This week has been filled with scandal after USG scandal, surprising many OSU students who didn't realize USG was an actual thing.

How to Change Your Friday Night Habits for BuckeyeThon

Buckeyethon is here and if you're not feeling guilty you're probably going, so here's how to change your bar habits to act appropriate for the kids.

Which OSU Library Will You Cry In During Midterms?

It's midterm week aka the week that will test your emotional, physical and intellectual strength for a week straight... three times throughout the semester.

Girl Believes Vague OSU Crush Post Is About Her, Falls In Love

It was just a normal night getting drunk at Bull's, and it soon led to a love that could never-- not for eternity-- be forgotten.

10 Underground Houses You Have To Go Greek For At OSU

Does recruitment have you down? Did you get dropped from your favorite house? Are you sick of chafing up and down 15th? These underground frats are for you.

Entire OSU Student Population Skips Sylly Day To Mourn National Clemsonship Day

With a loss that ruined hundreds of thousands of people's New Year's Eve 'get it in' plan, many OSU students skipped day one of spring semester.