Reed Karsh

Reed Karsh


6 Top Tips to Land the Shitty Entry-Level Job of Your Dreams

Fresh out of college, you’re unemployed and entering a job market that merciless and unforgiving. Let’s face it, you’re not going to walk into a downtown office and land your dream job, or even a job that you like. Instead, focus on finding the worst possible job – something menial, demanding, with a despotic boss […]

Top 6 Ways for Pitt Students to Take a Break from Studying for Finals

Finals week is fast approaching. That means it’s time to study shit you should have been learning all along. Don't worry, we're here to help.

Trump Travel Ban Prevents Second Coming of Jesus

Reports from the Vatican announced recently that the Second Coming of Jesus Christ was originally planned for this Easter Sunday April 16, 2017.“We were all very excited to meet the Lord in the flesh,” announced Pope Francis, whose smile was ear-to-ear under his funny little hat.But the intended Second Coming has hit a roadblock in […]

Top 5 Ways for Pitt Students to Celebrate Pirates Opening Day

Friday April 7, 2017 marks the home opening game of the Pittsburgh Pirates. Celebrate this occasion with good friends, good beer and good times.

5 Other Uses for Your Pitt ID that the Pathfinders Never Told You About

Touring Pitt, the Pathfinders probably told you all the great things your Pitt ID gets you. But they didn't tell you about these...

QUIZ: Will You Show Your Tits On Mardi Gras?

Mardi Gras, or Fat Tuesday to us exceptional Americans, began as a pre-lent tradition of celebration before giving something up for Lent. But today, it’s an excuse to get plastered and take your clothes off in public. And we’ve devised a fool-proof method of determining, in advance, if you’re going to do just that.   […]

How to Get a Hot Spring Break Bod with the Panther Workout Plan

Summer is coming. The gains are calling and all of that sadness pizza you’ve ordered this whole winter has caught up to you. Our workout is here to help.

Pitt Inspired Sex Positions Guaranteed to Give You a Good Time

College is a time for experimentation and finding out who we are. This sometimes means having a lot sex. So, here's some sex positions for proud panthers!

Definitive Timeline of a Typical Pitt Student’s Life

A Pitt student’s life is full of memories. You’ll carry these – or the stories your friends told you about what you did when you were drunk – forever.

QUIZ: Which Magic School Bus Character are You Based on Your Social Life?

It was the best day of elementary school when your teacher would walk into class and pop in a VHS (yeah, elementary school was a looong time ago) of The Magic School Bus. The show followed the wacky adventures of Ms. Frizzle, a teacher with a pet lizard and a love of field trips, and her students […]