Reed Karsh

Reed Karsh


7 Stages of Fraternity Rush Week Depression at Pitt

Yup, it’s fraternity and sorority rush at Pitt! It’s not going to be pretty. So here are the 7 stages of Pitt rush week depression.

Leaked Email from Chancellor Gallagher Reveals No Snow Days

In an email recently hacked by Russian spies, Gallagher has made explicit his intentions to strip this semester of any chance of snow days.

8 New Cocktails for the New You in the New Year

It’s the New Year, but despite your constant attempts to, you haven’t changed a bit. This semester – just like every semester since you discovered that you can start drinking booze in the afternoon – will find you being the same garbage person you were always meant to be. So, to prepare you for another […]

7 Signs You’ve Been Studying in Hillman Way Too Long

Finals week is fast approaching so you know what that means. It's time for long nights studying in everyone's favorite concrete nightmare, Hillman!

Pitt Basketball to Recruit from Oakland Zoo, Desperate for Stars

Pitt Basketball is one this schools shining achievements. But this season, the Oakland Zoo may prove more important than in any season yet.

6 Things You’re Never Going to Do Over Thanksgiving Break

You may have some idea of what you’re going to do over break. We've got a list of the six things you’ll totally never accomplish this Thanksgiving break.

The Drunk Review of Pitt: Thumbs Kind of Up

Normal reviews are weak. The totally not drunk journalists of The Black Sheep present to you: the drunk review of Pitt, as per your request.

After Trump Win, Gallagher Comes Out as Lizard Person

In a shocking move of solidarity with his newly-elected lizard person brother, Chancellor Gallagher has revealed to Pitt that he is a lizard person.

Oakland Robberies Actually Committed by Underpaid Professors

A crime wave has struck South Oakland. We've tracked down key witnesses that indicate the robberies were committed by underpaid Pitt professors.

10 Quotes from the Sorority Charity Flag Football Tournament at Pitt

Donald Trumpand Charlie Sheen agree that winning is everything. So, when teams of sorority girls suit up to play flag football, anything could happen